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Author Topic: Rebecca More - Birmingham  (Read 4615 times)

12 review(s) for RebeccaMore (11 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Rebecca More  https://www.adultwork.com/419449 or https://www.adultwork.com/RebeccaMore

1 hour incall - £250.

Venue: Birmingham city centre hotel. Very busy place, easy to blend into the crowd, and you can get to the lifts without drawing attention from the reception desk.

Comms: Not the best really. I initially made an inquiry two weeks before the proposed meeting. Rebecca has a p.a. handle her bookings. She wasn't that quick getting back to me and it was only about three or four days before the meet (after a bit of chasing up) that I got a confirmed booking.

Not the greatest of starts on the day. I got a text from Rebecca an hour before our scheduled meet saying she'd missed her train and that she might be a "teeny" bit late. A teeny bit late turned into an hour and fifteen minutes. Not overly impressed as I arrived early and had been kicking my heels in Birmingham for a couple of hours already. Didn't think there was much point in being a dick about it though (that's what UKP is for :D)

Got a really warm welcome when I eventually got to meet her. She's a very imposing figure, especially in heels, and a larger than life character. I think the photo in her gallery titled "beautiful boobs" is probably the most representative one of her. She was very apologetic about the delay and gave me a nice snog before I handed over the envelope.

Out of the shower and she pulled me close for another nice snog whilst groping my cock through the towel. Rebecca's got really big, full lips which are great for snogging, plus other things.  ;)

Started out with some nice oral which evolved into a 69. Didn't last too long in that position before Becs insisted that I fuck her in the arse. I thnk she prefers anal as I seemed to fuck her more that way than in the pussy She bent herself over the dressing table so I had a nice view in the mirror whilst doing her from behind whilst she encouraged me to fuck her tight arse. Her filthy talk really is something else. Pretty much every other word out of her mouth is either ARSE/CUNT/COCK/TITS/PUSSY or BALLS. After fucking her arse for a bit she turned around and dropped to the floor and insisted that she wanted to taste her arse juice. Who says romance is dead?

Back on the bed for an extended oral session - she's got a really tickly technique that has your toes curling pretty much straight away. I couldn't believe the amount of slobber my dick was covered in. It was actually glistening there was so much on there. I also have a bit of a spitting fetish, so I was encouraging her to spit in my face and mouth which she was more than happy to do. Felt soooo dirty, especially combined with the filthy talk. The oral carried on for a bit longer and included Becs fingering my arse for awhile. Felt amazing having a couple of digits up there. She tried a strap-on attachment too, but that was a bit much to take this time.

It's a bit of blur what happened from there...I think a bit more anal (cowgirl & reverse cowgirl), some motorboating and tit sucking (she said she loves her nipples pinched and sucked hard...so I did) and some normal cowgirl. First pop happened with Becs on her knees. I'm too much of a gent to grab a lady by the hair and facefuck her, so Rebecca did it for me. I couldn't belive how hard she was slamming her head onto my dick. Seemed like she was trying to impale her head on my cock. I wanked my self into her mouth, then leaned down for a bit of a snowball.

After a brief chat it was back to more oral and another fountain of saliva dribbling down my cock. Second round was a bit more sensual and less of a frenzy. After a nice slow build up, which included some nice ball nibbling, Becs earned the distinction of being the first girl to make me cum twice in an hour. We shared the contents of my nut sack to celebrate. An hour of complete filth.

Now the one thing I've not addressed is the cost of the punt. Two hundred and fifty quid is a hell of a lot to pay for an hour, especially in a buyers market. I have to confess I did feel a bit of a mug handing over that amount of money and since the post-punt buzz has died down a bit that feeling has been nagging at me a lot. Despite it going down as one of my best ever punts, I have had equally enjoyable times with girls in the sub £150 p/h bracket. I would love to see her again as I felt we only scratched the surface of possible pervy activities, but I think this might have to go down as a one off due to the cost. Glad I saw her once at least. Punted with a pornstar is now crossed off my punting bucket list.

POSITIVES: Great attitude/service. Filthiest woman I've ever met.

NEGATIVES: Timekeeping, comms, cost.

12 review(s) found for RebeccaMore linked to in above post (11 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Juankerr

Great review StarPower , she is on my list but as you mention yourself , I am as yet unwilling to go to that price range ( £170 being the most I have paid for an hour )
Look's bloody fantastic though and sound's as filthy as they come.

Offline theblade

Great review StarPower. I've meet Bec's twice at her West Drayton fuck pad, Yes she is expensive but she is filthy as fuck. She had me spunking 3 times in the 90min punt I had. Have seen only a few other ladies all where good but no one comes close to Rebecca.
She is very fit,great tits and I love her dirty talk.
Am hoping she works from WD soon as I'd love another sessions with her.

Offline thewonderingdick

Sounds like you could write a book on her,£250 an hour never Never,just think you could get a 2 girl for that price, girls are out there with the same service for half the price..with natural breasts   :D

Offline denneboom

Sounds like you could write a book on her,£250 an hour never Never,just think you could get a 2 girl for that price, girls are out there with the same service for half the price..with natural breasts   :D

If there are English natural girls in Birmingham, who provide that level and quality of service for £125 then please do let me know about it.

I've seen her twice too, the second time with my own personal filmed record - every time I see it I'm reminded why she's so good. Yes, £250 is a lot, but you get a lot - she puts her heart and soul into it

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