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Author Topic: WTF Alessandra Rebekah - Swansea  (Read 666 times)

Offline Salt

These fuckers have no higher order reading skills apparently......


"Mature woman and mature escort"

 my arse  :scare:

Alessandra Rebekah

Not even original pics.....

Fuck off......  :hi:
Banning reason: Prossie fanboy

Offline Salt


Alessandra has left Swansea and gone to London.......

And the profile does now at least describe the "girl" as being a brunette......

Seems they know how to lurk....  :hi:
Banning reason: Prossie fanboy

Offline SirFrank

Don't forget - punting and Swansea don't belong in the same sentence. Much like the Scottish premiere league only worse. I'd fuck this lass though if she's real
Banning reason: Shitstirring against admin on behalf of banned member

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