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Author Topic: Fake photo warning - edinburghescortsagency  (Read 749 times)

Offline JazzMan

Fake photo warning

I’ve usually found this agency very actuate with their photos but I recognised these from last year when I seen a Romanian from the Glasgow site with these same photos.
Banning reason: Slagging off membership

Online pilgrim

Yes you are right, they normally are quite good at doing accurate pictures and normally done by their own staff, on their own premises,  not allowing the prossie to use her own pics from a previous shoot.

Maybe these are her pics from when she worked elsewhere and they have kept them live.  Who knows? We can only speculate.  They dont allow prossies to be on their site and advertise elsewhere such as AW. 

Offline xr888

This photos have been used by Gabriella (said to be Portuguese but possibly Eastern European due to the accent) of the GEA/GCE last year.

DEFINITELY a SHITTY punt I want to forget.

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