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Author Topic: Ebony Amelia  (Read 670 times)

Any one seen this one, i dont see any feed back!!!
Can anyone recommend her!!!!

 www.adultwork.com/1863639  or  www.adultwork.com/ebony+amelia


3 review(s) found for chanel sexy xxx linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline pumps

Shes been discussed on this forum before.

She offers bareback and has been confirmed by a punter who seeks bb sex. Otherwise shes meant to be a pretty good punt  :thumbsup:

Offline a10

When I read the title line I read it as Ebony Ebola  :lol:

BB skanks - steer clear fella  :hi:

Oh!! Why are you shouting by the way!!? Makes you look like a child on Facebook!!

Ah missed the bb, guess I'll give it a miss.
See your point about !! Lol don't know why.

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