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Date: 14/08/14
Time: 11pm
Duration: 1hr
Price: £120

So, after a letdown from another girl I reverted back to Plan B to visit my old haunts at NB. Standard "who's on" text to the number resulted in the usual reply of 4 or 5 girls and have to say none really lit up my world. Asked if any offered a true GFE and was reccomended to Helena. Initially although pics looked great was a bit concerned that French Kissing wasn't listed but was assured that it was. Everything apart from A included. I was already in town, horny, cash in my pocket so we were on!

Location was a new one for me and NB and a very nice flat in a not so nice building close to the Printworks/Crowne Plasa area of town. Up 5 flights of stairs with no lift so might put some off, but inside a very high end classy flat with great views of the city, clearly very new and nicely furnished. Once you're up those stairs you cant fault it.

Helena was a good looking girl, a very petite size 4/6 with long blonde (dyed) hair with pink streaks through it, pert little boobs, a peach of an arse and a very small tight pussy. She has a very European look, with Mediterranian skin and naturally dark hair either bleached or shaven off!

She is Spanish (or states so and no reason to doubt it) and her English is limited but was able to make herself understood, offered me a drink and a shower, asked if I wanted to join her on the sofa and then the action started.

Deep French Kissing was on offer from the start and I sampled throughout the hour. Very passionate and if like me this is the most important part of the punt you will not be dissappointed. Helena was quite submissive throughout allowing me to take the lead with slowly undressing her and although I waited for her to start to work my clothes off, I ended up taking the lead. Once naked she took it to the bedroom, (kissing allowed on the sofa aparently but nothing sexual) and the action hotted up.

Decent OWO followed including Reverse O, and 69 all interchanging with plenty of DFK and generally cuddling thoughout. No rush to proceed to full sex and very much me setting the pace so as is my like foreplay lasted a good 45 mins before the hat was on and we were "making the dog with 2 backs" whilst watching my length slip in and out in the full mirror next to the bed.

Various postions sampled before a CIM finished was agreed and the condom was off and she's bobbing up and doen on littlebilly like there's no tomorrow. CIM finish was more of a CIMAFAHATAP finish (Cum In Mouth And Face And Hair And Tits And Pillow)!

Deep kissing to follow with a little bit of snowball before we both collapsed in a heap. Cleaned upa nd a quick shower before it was time to go. No rush to get me out and happy to chat ( in limited English, I think she's trying to learn) more French Kissing and a big hug and a cheeky feel of her still naked body at the door before it was back down the 5 flights of stairs and off home with a big smile on my face.

My faith restored in NB, great girl, great flat, great comms throughout.

Most of you know my taste, so if its at all similar then she's for you!

Highly Reccomend

4 review(s) found for misshelenamari linked to in above post (2 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

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bigbilly22 my punting pal, good to see you on here.  :hi:

No punter I've met has as similar (and exquisite) a taste in girls to me.  :thumbsup:

Thanks for thr review.... she looks just my type!

bigbilly22 my punting pal,

We need to sort out that punting pint soon!


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We need to sort out that punting pint soon!


Sure you want to hang around with me.... I'm the same in real life you know so I'll likely cause a pub brawl...  :P

You bring your Northern Babe I'll bring mine, Watch This Space.

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  Good report Billy
 Just spotted her advert on Viva Street too ( attached)
 So don't have to go via NB ( maybe)
 Face pic on here amongst blurred ones.

Red Jag

Good spot RJ

As stated I paid £120 for the hour everything included which seems reasonable but believe NB get £40 of that so girl just making £80 but I suppose no overheads that way and bookings arranged.

Be interesting to see how much she gets from a viva street booking.

As for the face pic it's a very true reflection. She's not a stunner facially but not a complete minger either. But a very willing partner.

I'll go back I think maybe via viva street to see the price comparison.


Offline redjaguar

Hi Billy

 I like what I see & the service sounds very good
 I was wondering if she is using the NB apartment as from location description on Viva Street,  does that sound like where you saw her.
 Availability till 4:00am sounds good.
I left Long Legs the other week @ 1:00am & headed back to the hotel , but then ended up sat in McDonalds @ stupid O'Clock !!!!
Could have been different for me

Red Jag

I'd say it was the same flat and definately a better option than MaccyDees


4 review(s) found for misshelenamari linked to in above post (2 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

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Two points: The Northern Babes site says she's Spanish, Adultwork says Romanian.

Her NB profile lists 'hanky panky with a jonny'.
WTF is that?

Yep, profile and wording is identical to her vivastreet ad, so 99% sure its the same girl, unless somone's copied her profile word for word, different mobile numbers though so I might be wrong. 'Hanky panky with a jonny' is slang for penetrated sex protected. Loads of Romanian girls say they are Spanish as I think generally the Romanians have a bad reputation in the UK. I definitely think she's worth an half hour booking based on her likes, will be booking her soon as I get the chance, also booking via AW means a £20 saving on 1/2 hour and a hour meeting, compared to booking her through Northern Babes.

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This looks like it could be here, new profile on AW

Thanks for that Stern.
In the past Northern Babes have been known to setup Adultwork profiles to bring in work to them, the apartment location sounds the same as Northern Babes so that might be the case here, nonetheless the prices are cheaper though perhaps she charges more for extras through the profile making the total price the same unless you just want plain GFE.

Adultwork themselves fill in the field Nationality: based on what it says on the girls ID, so that is always accurate assuming the ID scanned is real.  I knew she was Romanian from another source for me it does make a difference since I was only going to see her based on her being Spanish.... not seen any of Spanish working girls apart from Gabriella Dos Santos who was a disappointment.  I've seen Romanian girls in the past.

One good thing about threaded reviews is all the follow up Info that can be added as in this case.  :thumbsup:

4 review(s) found for misshelenamari linked to in above post (2 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

would say it was her!

She did say she was Spanish when we met but then she could of been anything.

Would stand by the initial review though, worth seeing!


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I saw one girl a couple of times who suggested she was Italian.
 Noooo she was Bulgarian.
 But she was a great f--k

With Big Billy's review & another now on AW I would not hesitate if she is in fact Rumanian.

3 ways to book her now..................

Red Jag

Spoke to her las night and defo her in all 3 profiles.

Says she does agency and indi work and the £100 on the AW/Viva included everything I got last time form NB at £120.

Look at her Viva link for a face pic as is very accurate, I was a tad dissappointed as not a stunnig beauty but body and service more than made up for it.