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Author Topic: PERFECT POLISH PUSSY  (Read 3163 times)

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Offline stupunt

Summary: Great value punt with tongue flicking, smooth mished, big boobed babe.

Communication: Answered call quickly and was able to meet when I wanted.

Location: Flat above some shops in Farnborough. Fairly discrete entrance up a metal staircase at back of building but this is shared so neighbours could be about. Door answered quickly by host (they have cctv so can see you coming) though I don't particularly like the idea of being on recorded video.

The meet: Flat clean and had decent feel to it. Shown to room which was also clean and tidy with radio on. Natalie arrived. Very friendly and smiley but with relatively little grasp of English. Kissed me with tongue and asked how long; I opted for 30 min. for £60. She left the room and I undressed then she came back in and we started with DFK. She has a great flicking tongue and really goes deep almost as if she means it! Her tits are massive, firm and natural and she is not shy with them. She rubbed my crotch and then reached in, released me and smoothed her hand up and down my stiff shaft, all the time kissing and pressing her tits against me. Knickers and dress off, she moved to the bed and lay down. She has strong, muscular legs which I love and opened these wide. Her mish is to die for. Perfectly smooth, perfectly proportioned and bulging. Having spent a bit of time working her nipples into hard bullets I got to work below. Natalie pressed her pussy hard against my mouth, moaning all the time and allowing me access with fingers at the same time. I had my fill and stood at the side of the bed, rock hard with Natalie moving into position. She didn't need to be asked to start licking and sucking, taking my full length deep into her soft mouth and then moving down to lick my balls and nibble at my scrotum. I thought I was going to lose my load so had to ask her to stop and rubber up before moving straight into that gorgeous flange with her amazing legs gripped around me. It was hot, tight and ideal for banging and I would have been happy to keep going until splash down. However I wanted CIM and she was happy to oblige, lying me on my back and getting to work. I jizzed a weeks worth of cum in her mouth and she dribbled it back over my hyper-sensitive cock and balls, sat up and smiled. She cleaned me up and it was time to go. Not a bad way to spend your lunch break!   


2 review(s) found for Erotic_Elisa linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Huawei

Looks interesting - CIM not listed on her profile, were you expecting this, or just lucky...is she selling herself short?

Hidden feedback would normally be enough for me to move on...

Offline stupunt

I think she is selling herself short. Probably something to do with limited English. Definitely worth a try.

Offline Huawei

Decided to give it a go this afternoon - confirmed that CIM was available on the phone, although she sounded a bit uncertain, I put this down to language. Place, and Natalie, as described by stupunt. Certainly the girl in the pictures. Paid for 30 minutes, re-confirmed CIM, and got to work (well, after the inevitable 5 minutes to stash the cash  :unknown:).

Kissing was not bad, and those boobs are almost worth the fee alone. Oral was pretty disappointing though - mostly hand action and very shallow mouth, and the rapid use of both. Had to get her to slow down, and use less hand, but was only partly successful. As it was shallow, I asked her to go deeper, but was told "I have a small mouth".

Changed around for a bit of RO, and as previously reported fingering was readily accepted. Then rubbered up for a session of mish, but she kept putting her hand in the way, with a finger either side - maybe trying to make sure the condom was in place? Finally asked her to kneel and finish me off with oral, only to hear the dreaded "yes, but not in my mouth"  :dash: close to the point of no return is not a good time to find this out. Damage limitation time, so asked about facial - nothing doing. So she sucked me until I was close, and left me to wank myself over her (admittedly fine) tits. Finished in about 20 minutes, which was basically my choice. I have little doubt that I could have stayed for 30 minutes, but with it going 'off song' it was more likely that I would lose wood, so decided to end while it was going fairly well.

Odd that most of the description tallies well with stupunt,except for the deep oral, and CIM - the only 2 things which would make it into a decent punt for me. At least it was only £60, but not one I'll repeat.


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