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Author Topic: WG working hours  (Read 480 times)

Offline darkvamp

Wondering if it's just me but do other people get a bit fed up when WG's have really short working days? For example they only work mornings or early afternoons, turns out to be a real pain in the butt as if like myself you work a Monday to Friday job you need to book a day off.

Yes it is massively annoying, but I have found that the one's doing a shorter day generally give a better service as they are not being plowed 24/7 and have some time to recharge.

Offline Natwest

I try to schedule punts to go on the way to work as I'm freshly showered and a morning person anyway.

In general I've found most WG's I have asked have opened up the shop a bit earlier to accomodate. It's often worth asking and maybe if they won't they come off the hotlist?

Offline darkvamp

The only punt 2 punts I've been interested in at the moment were Isabella21 who messed me about so not going to bother with her again.in Then theres Welsh_brunette who is awesome but never have any luck trying trying to get her out of her incall hours. Tried a while back on one of her working weekends but she decided she wasn't going to work that weekend. Then tried for tonight as she had times listed but no luck again.

Offline James999

Most like to start around noon and finish around 3 - 4pm

Not bad hours  :cool:

So us night time fuckers got no chance. . I prefer to bang after midnight and this does limit the indys available. :scare:

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