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Author Topic: Anyone seen Wendy Sweet Pussy?  (Read 1134 times)

Anyone? I'm thinking about TOFTT - if I do, will post a review, but would be nice if someone who has seen her spoke up

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Service is limited, OWO extra and many others. Body is really hot, no doubt.
Any chance you bought the PG? Says she shows her face in there.

Well we all know how much stock to take in aw feedback but she does have some good stuff from long serving members.
Bit confused as to why she would charge for RO !!

Looks great and is on my To Do list. But no recent reviews, even on AW. Maybe she has been away. But, if someone sees her and writes a good review, I will certainly make it a priority to see her.

Has anyone visited this girl?  She looks fantastic in her pictures!

I seen her twice about 2 possibly 3 years ago in a grotty hotel near Crystal Palace. Looked the same then as she does in her most recent pictures. Nice fit toned body small tits and a smackable ass. Like quoted, she does have a lot of chargeable extras on her profile but at that time oral on her was not. She was only £60 for a half hour at that time so for me, she was a decent enough punt for my needs.First time she was in a sexy little black dress with heels to match. Cash out of the way, I was undressed with half a hardon when she started grinding her ass against me giving me an instant full on rock busting chubby. She let me kiss her neck and unzip her letting the dress fall to the floor. I unhooked her bra and fondled her boobs while she still ground her thong covered ass into my hard on.I dropped to my knees and pulled her thong down were she stepped out of it. I had intended to set her on the bed at this point and go down on her, but she gently raised me up by her hand under my chin and then lead me to the bed literally by the cock. She applied the rubber with her mouth and gave a passable if not earth shattering blow job. I wasn't going to last much longer so I asked her to climb on top were she gave an enthusiastic cowgirl for a few minutes before I decided I had so see that ass, so round into doggy for a few minutes before I popped inside her in the condom. In and out the door in a little over the 30mins. Second time was pretty much the same, but I managed to 69 her, and she definitely has a sweet pussy which got very wet. Wasted no time in getting her into doggy while standing on the floor, her kneeling on the bed. A few minutes in I felt myself flagging due to lack of stamina on my part, so grabbing her thighs tightly I proceeded to give the pounding of a lifetime just so I could cum inside her before losing my erection. After what felt like a marathon on my part, I eventually popped I stood exhausted condom covered cock hanging between my legs while she rolled over on the bed, legs  spread wide and a very wet pussy with the biggest smile on her face. Now I wont claim to have made her cum, but that smile showed at least it wasn't an unpleasant experience for her.
Biggest problem was communication as the phone signal was crap, had to do most by txt. She is very quiet almost shy, but friendly and eager to please. She may have a British passport now, but I doubt she was born here as she has a slight accent. Not a astounding punt but certainly not a bad one. Seen her washing her bits in the shower as I was getting dressed the last time so at least her hygiene is good. Definitely worth a punt for 30mins as a ball emptier not sure how an hour would go. She disappeared of the radar for a while after this, but I kept her on my hotlist anyway. This may explain the last of recent feedback.

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I have added her to my HL twice several months apart. Both times wondered how had I missed her she looks just my type, then got to the Q and A do you kiss? No I do not kiss. Oh right thats why.

I have added her to my HL twice several months apart. Both times wondered how had I missed her she looks just my type, then got to the Q and A do you kiss? No I do not kiss. Oh right thats why.
No anal - not a problem.
No kissing!! I'm out too
I wonder if she realises (or cares) how many good customers she is losing because of that?  :hi:
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Offline the lurker

I cant knock her for it, its clear enough on her profile, it looks like she gets enough punters without kissing. Pity though, she is super hot.

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