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Author Topic: Cuba  (Read 3298 times)

Offline Matium

I might get the chance to go to Cuba this year.

Any recommendations for Havana or Santiago de Cuba?

Sex scene? Night clubs? Discos? Brothels? Indies?


Many years since I was there - then the principle was just to offer $ to anything with a pussy and you were ON

I suspect little has changed


Offline Taggart

Casa de music venues were good to meet girls.
At the one in Cienfuegos, they hung around by the sea wall opposite the entrance.

In Havana, you are more likely to be approached, and in Santiago, I recall a bar in a square somewhere where girls suddenly started to appear when word got out Brits were there.

You have to be discreet, as the police could arrest both of you, so when I was there you walked to the shag location separately, often following 30 yards behind the girl.

I was told, but never experienced, that some dancers at the clubs were 'available'.

Last tip, take your own condoms, more reliable that the chinese ones they used when I was there.

Oh, and take a pen and paper, it helps negotiating on price !!

Love the pen & paper; best advice in a long time on here, LMAO!

Offline CoolTiger

Love the pen & paper; best advice in a long time on here, LMAO!

At one point in Dubai, I used mobile phone to negotiate on prices  :lol:

Offline badsin

I went to Cuba a few years ago......... I would say theres some of the horniest ladies on the planet there!

I couldnt punt, due to the travelling companions I was with. However, let us know how you get on - some of the hottest mixed race babes I've ever seen.

Happy hunting :rolleyes:

Offline Steve2

I've been twice but not recently

In Havana it was obvious on the promenade by the Nacional hotel  but they'd be there almost any bar or music venue

As a single guy having a beer alone in a bar you'd be like a magnet . The girls would just appear

It was also extremely cheap (about $20 US) and some very pretty girls


Been there lots of times.
So, you will hear picking up girls on the Malecon, which is a seafront walkway - all of Havana goes there on Fri/Sat night but its a complete waste of time as the girls wont be there.
There are side roads off the Malecon strip but again, there are certain roads. The girls will still charge $40-60 - some say time some cum once/twice - you neg.
There are about 5 very specific pick up clubs and there are certain days to go to each of the clubs eg:
Cecila, Garden, MRed - believe it or not, the girls have a schedule of going to different clubs during the week...
You pay a small fee to get into the club or you might even do a 'drive thru pick up' - I saw a fucking hot girl in the queue, went up, agreed fee, gave her my address and $5, banged her for 4 hours for $100. Olice skin, green eyes, natural C's size 8, rode and grinded like crazy - just buy red bull there and JD or Vodka bottles from duty free ;)
Learn a few basic comments spanish comments or take an off-line spanish translator on your phone - you wont get wifi there unless in a hotel.
Hotel's are a complete waste of time for punting.
I always rent an apartment overlooking the sea and central to Hotel National - google them, loads - half the price of hotel at $40-55 per night plus extra for food, laundry.
For your safety, always have the girl/girls arrive in a second taxi - max $5-10. Yes risk they wont come but 100% of time my experience is they come because they want $80-100 for a cum twice session - they agree at the club whether 1,2 times or todo nocha (all night).
No problem with DFK, OWO - some will CIM and A-level but if you have a biggy, then A is only gonna happen when she recommends a friend for the next day or night!
They like little gifts - take something girls like for a few quid for make up or hair products, rings or necklace.

Ah, the catch why not at hotel and what problems you might incur at an apartment - all the girls have an id card. Hotel wont allow a local to come in. try sneaking in but very little chance even bribing the doorman - forget it.
At your apartment - some will have a security guard and thats good for you. That guard doesnt need to be paid but he will take the girl's id card and give back when you tell him to. So, the girls will ask where you are staying to see if they want to go and have their name registered in the apartment log book. The police can ask to check but they dont - only if major problem.

Do you venture to other towns to get cheaper punting - for $20 dollars less, you will get not the hardened pros. They won have a place but might take you to a waterfront and fuck her against and on palm trees haha, that was great experience but if it your first time in Cuba, then stick to Havana.

and the girls start coming to the clubs at 11 or 12 midnight.

dont take the first girl, get a few telephone numbers and say, I text you for tonight or tomorrow in an hour - they are cool about it.

Have fun - im jealous lol

Sash's answers are great. As many have said, it will be harder finding a decent sandwich than you will a girl to sleep with. Girls and rum are easy to find. Sit at a bar and both will arrive in quantity.

Having been there I can also add that sex with cuban girls can be more complicated than it is here - some girls will behave like regular working girls, some girls also want out the country and you could be their ticket out. When you go into Cuba you can sometimes see crying cuban girls at the airport departures as their new western boyfriend goes back home. Yes they like gifts, but some also want to form a relationship with you - they will want you to be their only girl. They can be quite aggressive both in terms of getting you to sleep with them and in sleeping with you again. They may also want your jeans, your shoes, anything else you have. They are stunning girls but you have to respect their culture and background. It's a hard place to live and no girl gets ahead without fighting for the dollar.

Offline Taggart

Some good advice in the previous two posts.

What the Cuban's lack is basics we take for granted - soap, mosituriser, razors, toothpaste/toothbrushes, pens, pencils, make-up, etc.  Some of those can be liberated from your hotel room and passed over, other stuff you need to take. On more than one occasion I've left a well-used pair of trainers for re-use, and a couple of shirts or t-shirts too.

Just take a good brand of condoms, the local ones tend to be Chinese and not too reliable.

There's a lot of girls on the make, and they know European's are good for nice treats.

I am thinking of going for a week next Feb. Anything new to add or is it still all the same?

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