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Author Topic: Zoe cambridge  (Read 1033 times)

Offline The happy one

Sunday evening 11.30pm 90 min outcall £180

Zoe works with stanstead escorts she does not have a profile they do send photo

I phoned Paula at stanstead and asked who was free. She gave me a couple of names which I quickly said not my cup of tea too. She then suggested ZOE. WHO HAD NO PROFILE BUT HAD BEEN WITH THE AGENCY FOR A COUPLE OF MONTHS

SHE EXPLAINED THAT Zoe was like a girl I used to see from there

Nickname anal Annie

Sure you can see where this is going

She emailed me a photo over and in the photo it looked like she fitted the bill

Young slim female

But it was a shit photo so I ummmed and arred. For a could of hours then called and said best leave it as I have to go cash point as I only had £180 on me and I know I am too late for the 90 min offer

Paula said let me call and check

5 min later was all booked

Run round for a quick tidy up shower kick the dogs out

She knocked on the door

Fuck me she was lovely

In heels she must go 6 feet 2

Slim slender must be a size 8

Dead sexy little black dress stocking tops just peaking out before she adjusted the dress

What looked like a perfect set of fun bags to play with

Long dark hair

Pretty face

Walked in and even before I could shut the door was giving a kiss

Shut the door

Into living room in the full light she was just perfect tall slim tits female and up for a good time. Got her a drink sat down had a chat running my hand up and down her leg got to the best bit the flesh between stocking top and knickers. She started to breath a little heavier she lent over and pulled me for a kiss. Turned into a full on tongue wrestle all the while me easing one then two fingers into a rather tight pussy. While she was giving my cock and right good rubbing thought my jeans.

She suggested moving somewhere we could get comfortable

Up stairs helped her out her dress and off with the bra and these two wonderful fun bags slipped out

They were enhanced but felt really good and was hard to notice what I did notice was her left nipple had a stud through it

Had a minute or two sucking tweaking them and she had my jeans down was on her knees looking up at me as she swallowed the whole length

What followed

Owo in loads of positions that worked best for her to deep throat
Fingering her pussy and butt while she was doing owo
Reverse oral with fingers in her pussy and that started as one and has she got wetter two then tried for three but was too tight and one in her arse. She does get very very wet squirts and very vocal

She then returned the favour ending up wanking while sucking my ball until I came and taking the lot in her mouth and swallowing it

More kissing fingering oral both ways till hard

Then on with the mac and she fucked me just about everyday my body could get

Best bit

Doggy with two fingers in her arse

And cow girl with her really going for it

Did not do anal as she said she did not want to on the first meeting

Great way to get a second

Second pop was her leaning between my legs with her tongue up where the sun does not shine while I finger fucked her and she wanked my cock

Warned was coming and the second load well dribble was deposited down her throat and swallowed

So all in all

It was alright

She will go and go and go and really knocks herself out trying to get you off

She has a great body

A great attitude

And a great personality

I would return and I would wholeheartedly recommend

She also brought toys to play with but I had too much fun stuffing my finger tongue and cock in her

Maybe the next time

Banning reason: Suspected pimp involved in organizing parties

Offline Simplysimon

Was all eager and excited when you said you had had "The ride of your life"    :yahoo:

Sadly now deflated , no incalls   :cry:

What a shame. Back years ago they used to run a couple of incall places and had some very fine ladies too, like Adele and Cathy. Anyone remember her?.

Seems odd not having a profile, how are we supposed to know she exists?.

Like the tall bit, right up my street:)

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