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Author Topic: DebieofTyneside - anyone seen her?  (Read 564 times)

Offline mick753

As the subject says..

Found this girl on AW and I definitely like the look of her, but her prices are pretty steep for someone who, from what I can see, is relatively unknown (though apparently she has worked in the NE before). She has positive feedback, but we can't read it so.. yeah.. couple of alarm bells ringing there too.

So can anyone comment? Doubt I'd pay 200 quid for an hour in truth (not to mention the expense for the hotel room as she only does hotel outcalls), no matter how good she is,  but the curiosity is still there!

Cheers fellas!  :drinks: 

Oh - and here's the link  https://www.adultwork.com/1852239 or https://www.adultwork.com/debieoftyneside
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Offline johnny34

Think this girl was previously debbieofwearside working in sunderland. Profile has
been inactive for a while & shes now returned & changed her name.

Feedback hidden & £200 p/h.

I'd proceed with caution. For me its a definate no.

Offline chinatoon

I wouldn't. 200 per hour is a tad expensive for an unknown with hidden feedback and from the looks of it, average in the looks department. I'm always put off by girls that say they are high class. To me that just means they will charge higher than average and have a shit attitude.

At £200 she can fuck off. Is she wearing tights with stockings over the top? That's just weird

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