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Author Topic: Old Reviews  (Read 1568 times)

Just a thought but when I used to live in Glasgow I used a fair few WG's (pre my UKP days)

Do you guys want reviews on them still?
Some will be a couple of years old now and may not have links on AW anymore - but happy to do so if it helps.

List of girls are as follows

Exculsive Honey
Blue eyes blew
Virgo 40 (desperate punt)
Miss Tamaris Flower
Sizzling sasha

Offline BigSur

That would be helpful. Especially if any of them were any good. Very few good wgs in Glasgow these days.
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The only ones still working are Exclusive Honey, Tamaris Flower, Virgo 40 (never again!!) and possibly horniewench.

Exclusive Honey - I had a problem with her which is covered in another thread (basically leant her money - yeah I know) but if we take it from a punting point of view she was actually very good.  Little ball of energy really, attractive girl and very good at what she does (sadly I blurred the lines with her).  Lots of DFK, Oral etc and generally gives the impression she really likes the job.  Lots to like about her really and certainly worth a punt...especially for any nervous types.

Tamaris Flower - based around Warrington but travels a lot.  Another complete ball o energy and not one for faint hearted - always buzzing around.  Spent many a weekend with Tamaris and is a great all round girl

Virgo 40's - don't toush with barge pole...I was pissed and wanted a punt...damn did i sober up quick when I saw her...got to be closer to 50 now and rough as fuck.

Goldielocks - no longer on AW but probably still working - nice enough gal (great tits) but can be a little unreliable sadly.  Get the impression she will mess you about but generally a v good shag

Bobbi77 - not working anymore as far as I know - generally rather plain and not in it for any other reason than the money

Blue eyes blew / green eyes groan - if you can find her - shag her!! I dare say she has dropped off the punting scene as she was just in it for short term cash.  V hot though, 6ft slim blonde.

Sizzling Sasha - Birmingham based and nice curvy milf - good looking gal but no longer active

Offline JB1969

I had a threesome with honey and gabriella a while back was really impressed and enjoyed. Called two weeks ago on a friday to make another booking with honey for 2 hrs, showed up and called when she told me too with no answer and no call back.  Not impressed.
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That really winds me up with no shows, especially if you have seen them before as it significantly reduces the risk they have your a time waster.

Offline AngloAlly

Hate being let down and cannot understand those girls who must be junkies orat best alkies

Offline Haulder

I remember Goldilocks. Booked her once and drove to the street in Bishopbriggs address that she told me. Then she texted that she could not make it. Always thought I'd like another shot. If she is still around I'd appreciate any contact info.

Also meant to say about Horniewench...

Not the most braw but certainly makes up for it in effort....one of the best BJ's ever

She is still listed on AW but hardly eve logs in now

I've seen Gabriella and honey a couple of times when I've been in Glasgow most recently a hotel visit last week.
A bit of light Dom and fantasy sex.
They are both lovely both physically and to talk to. Gabriella is a very attractive long dark haired size 10. Honey a blonde vixen who gushes a lot!
I'm looking for excuses to go to Glasgow a lot more in 2015

Well, Irishjinn, the other guys on here are usually much faster off the blocks than me.........but come on. We're not total numpties.

If I can spot your tout post, God help you.

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