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Author Topic: Recycled AdultWork profiles - is there anything that can be done about that?  (Read 294 times)

Offline AnthG

With the new procedure of posting the numbered link to ensure if a girl changes her profile name due to negative reviews she can still be found.

Can I ask is there anything that can be done on the opposite.

I say this as there is an agency girl in the north east who was called Tori for Cotton and Silk who was literally the bees knees (I seen her and she did everything, A-Levels, Deep throat etc), but it seems she has retired and the agency have another new girl and recycled her profile for this new girl.

This means all the positive reviews tori got and linked to here with the numbered link will all go to this new girls profile who likely will not offer the same service. But everyone will think this new girl is the same one as the old girl when its not.

e.g here is the topic its discussed and a few people posting in there thinking its the same girl when its not.


I know I probably shouldn't get worked up over it. But it just seems a bit off to be honest.

Can I ask is there anything that can be done on the opposite.

This suggestion might help, click.

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