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Author Topic: Sala Thai - Hendon Central  (Read 91911 times)

Online Rupert

hi, i was thinking of paying a visit this week to see Gift. i saw her once at the reception. i thought to myself I'll give her ago next time, she look ok. if anyone of you guys as see her, how good is she and how far will she go with extras. any help would be great.

Saw her once a long time ago, was decent only opted for hr but as it was a while ago she was a bit new so probably lot more experienced now. Let us know how it goes

Offline Kamaka

Met Gift about a year ago. Very pleasant girl. Very good massage and B2B from what I remember.

Offline korokay

Hi guys, first ever post on this forum.

Visited Sala Thai on Friday, saw May. Really really good massage, she's not much of a looker to be honest but her massage is absolutely top notch. Just paid 20 quid for the HE (which was quite good as well), didn't want to pay more to touch her or see her naked etc.

Offline Crsdub

Hello Gents.
Also my first post here. Went to see Vivian last week. First time with her and she let me finger her while enjoying HR. Just a few questions. Is Nicole gone? And does anyone know why the hot receptionist doesnt do anything?

Offline 76shen

Hello Gents.
Also my first post here. Went to see Vivian last week. First time with her and she let me finger her while enjoying HR. Just a few questions. Is Nicole gone? And does anyone know why the hot receptionist doesnt do anything?

the hot receptionist is the manager.

Offline Crsdub

the hot receptionist is the manager.

Yes but she doesnt do any massage at all??

Offline 76shen

no she doesn't which is a shame. otherwise i would of definitely book her along time ago.
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Offline raygun

I've been to Sala Thai three times. Once an older lady (mid-50's) came into the room. I requested another lady, she left and a minute later in came one of the younger lasses. All three times (different ladies) a pretty thirty-something lady (to me) performed a nice sensual massage.

I generally follow the guidance that successful uk punting members recommended about these places. I phone up first, make an appointment. Even if it's only five or ten minuted in the future. Then I arrive and wait until I meet the lady privately in the room. I speak with them at the start, telling them what I wish for, and give them the tip at prior to dis-robing.  For me, "Tipping" starts at £20 and goes up in £20 increments per level of requested service.


Offline Speedy

Quick question to the brave souls that toftt, found a local Chinese parlour in the south that is more local to me and booked half hour (£25), nice enough girl in her 30's, massage was nice enough, but strokes were never close enough to tease, and had a sign saying this is not a sexual service, would anyone still ask about extras??

The female owner asked if I had a nice massage with the girl
also advised that the girls change every 2 weeks... Made me think maybe extras are available, what do you guys think,  didn't notice a lock on the door  thinking about it,

Sounds 50/50 to me. What I would do in this situation is make sure you are totally naked for the massage. Lie face down and position your dick facing downwards so accidental touch are easier. Keep legs spread wide. If she comes anywhere near your ass make some sounds of pleasure and perhaps grind a little. Or you could just ask straight up if extras are available. The worst that will happen is she says no. You can leave it until the last 5 mins so it will not be too embarasing if she says no.
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Offline Speedy

Guys, what is the body to body like in this place? Is there full frontal contact on the body slides? It's at least an hour from me and I don't fancy travelling for a half hearted rub of the tits on my back!

Banning reason: Touting banned site

Offline Crsdub

Has anyone ever chanced it with the hot manager or asked her? :mad: :diablo:

when i went the lady behind the desk was....
temping for the permanent receptist who is not in today!
her name was mai. a MILF (late 40s) with a body of a 20 year old!
also saw "katie" younger, about late 20s, but taller and slightly more built.
both were great. both give great massages and are good service providers, very customer focussed.
katie offered to use her little finger on me and HE for £30 extra
mai offered HE and fully nude for £30 extra also got to finger and fondle her
i can confirm the same hourly basic rate of £40

and all this time i drive pass this place every week. i have rang them many times in the last few years, they always say no we dont offer "extras" on the phone.
but due to finding this forum and the comments on this place, i am one happy man

Offline 76shen

rang them many times in the last few years, they always say no we dont offer "extras" on the phone.

all shops will say no, to offering extras over the phone and even asking at the reception your get a no. because they are not aloud to give this service. that's why they have sign's around the place, "saying don't ask" getting extras is between you and the girl once your in the room. That's if the girl will do it. it's not Always guaranteed.

Offline lovetopunt

So after discovered this post I have been wanting to try Sala but it is just a bit out of my way but yesterday was the day since I had to be around that area.

I called 30mins before and made an appointment and I decided since it was my 1st time I would just try my luck and didn't request a certain girls (I did want to ask if Mini or Vivian were working). I turned up 5 mins before my booking time and a girl was sitting in the front sofa area, so I told her I made an appointment and gave her my name then she took me to the room no.1 which was near the front of the shop but next time I will ask for the rooms at the back, don't really want people see me especially if I am going to have a quick shower.

The girl told me to get undress and wait in the room which I did. She was about 5 foot and a bit, 30 something but reasonably looking and wore all black and thought nothing special about her at that point and later after the massage started I found out her name is Lisa.

Lisa actually very good of giving massage and I really did enjoyed it but you all know I wasn't there just for that. So, at the end of the very good massage, I could feel that she started using her fingernails softly moving up and down my back and the area between my legs and I start getting a semi and moving a bit (I was laying on my front), so she clearly knew what she was doing and saw my reaction and asked me if I want anything else and I asked what was on offer and it was, £20 HE, £40 fully naked and £60 B2B and I only had £35 with me and she agreed £35 fully naked.

Oh boy, oh boy, didn't I missed it. When she started removing her clothes I finally got to see those tits. They might be fake and they are very nice size, just a perfect size for me (a bit more that a handful but not over the top kind)

So, She started giving a hand job and let me suck on those nice tits and had no problem me fucking her with my fingers and my god she was wet and warm and after a few minutes my dick started thinking instead of my head so I said to her I will give her an extra £20 for B2B after the massage as I didn't have that with me and needed to get it from the bank later and she agreed and hop on the table and rub her body, pussy and tits against my cock and some kisses to me but not to mouth, I was so turned on at that point and asked what else she offer and hoping a BJ but she said I can lick her pussy if I want which accepted of course.

Now, she laying on her back with her legs wild open and her pussy looked very good and inviting, so I went down on her lick that juicy pussy and fingers fuck it then she let me rubbing my cock on the surface of her pussy and at one point I thought it might lead to something more but no. After while of these licking, fingering and fake fucking, I laid on my back so she can finish me off, she was wanking me while I am fingering her hard, I can feel how wet and warm her pussy became and I can see from her face she might cum and asked me slow down and eventually I shot my load.

Quick clean up and shower (that's why I will ask for the rooms at the back where the shower is) then get the £20 and return to the shop and pay her as I promised.

So, that is it. I fully enjoyed my 1st visit at the Sala and I know I might have paid to much for the experience without getting full sex but what can I say, when you are in that situation my dick took over my head.

Total spent = £40 massage + £55 B2B finish.

In conclusion, I like Lisa, very good massage, not bad looking, nice tits and great B2B extra.

I will surely going back when I have a chance and see Lisa again or try other other girls.

Anyone got B2B with other girls? How much did you paid? Just want to make sure next time I can use the info to bargain a better deal with Lisa or anyone else for that matter.

Offline SamLP

Glad you had a good time.
I have been only once this year and it was earlier in the year. I used to pay for half an hour and didn't bother with a massage as I negotiated a b2b deal which usually involved kissing for £30, they ask for £40 and on one occasion I paid as it was Christmas and she put the extra effort. No oral or RO though but lots of other fun for a total of about £55 for the half hour.

Love2Punt, delighted you found Sala Thai accommodating.
I had a delightful sesion with Lisa too this week.
Paid for full hour £40 plus Lisa naked b2b £50 total £90.
In my view it beats f.s. as you've also received a very decent massage on top of HR and R.O.
What else could you want which is safe, clean and enjoyable. 
I love the smell of lemon grass as you enter the shop.
Incidentally,  room 1 is Lisa's room so a trek to shower room is a long one.

Online webpunter

I love the smell of lemon grass as you enter the shop.
Napalm in the morning  :D

I had a session with Lisa last winter (only HR naked), yesterday I tried the b2b and I can just confirm what the others said: great boobs, very passionate, some kisses and R.O. - I booked for 1h and I had more than 30min of "extras".
I can definitely recommend her!

Offline Big Bad R

Visited this place a couple of times and had a good time, just what I as looking  for at that time, massage and excellent hand job.

Wouldn't mind going back if the girls were more attractive and younger. Both times I have Seen 40 something Thai women with enhanced tits. Whilst they did a fine job I would prefer someone younger and more attractive being an old Perv !

Anyone seen ladies younger and more attractive ? Is it acceptable to book or ask for a particular lady ?


My review of Meow at Sala Thai - https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=67035.msg853636#msg853636

Sorry Big Bad R - another forty-something  :) . Definitely no harm in asking for a younger lady - probably better to ask over the phone in advance of going, rather than when you get there though....
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I have been here again; last time I tried Lisa, this time was the turn of Meow (May?).

She should be around 40something, small but still good looking with big and nice boobs.
I called first and booked 1h session: 40min massage followed by a decent B2B (Lisa's was better & sexier, to be honest) than RO (tight and clean pussy) and HR at the end.

Tip was 55gbp; I know that is not cheap compared with what you can get from a "normal" punt but as many other said this is something different.

do you know if there are other new girls to try? Mini still working there? Any similar Thai places with the same level of cleanness, girls, services (or ideally OWO/OW!!!!)?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Finally made my way to Sala recently and RTFF definitely helped. Booked an hr with Gift, paid £40 t0 the receptionist who was nice and good to talk to. The premises are better than most other similar establishments - very clean and nice big open reception with smaller individual rooms inside. The showers is towards the end of the hallway.

As for the hour with Gift, it was very enjoyable. She is young and pretty with really beautiful eyes and black hair. Speaks decent English and is soft spoken. Massage was so-so (to be honest) but that didn't bother me. The B2B was fantastic and I recommend it. Don't expect to push the boundaries (FS and BJ) as it won't happen. But it is significantly more enjoyable than other places where you end up with a decent HJ at most with some light touching.

Thanks to everyone who have contributed to this thread previously and given us loads of guidance on what to expect.

Offline genghis69

I've been following this thread for a while and decided to take the plunge and try out Sala Thai. I'm no stranger to punting, but as of late i seem to enjoy the massage scene more.

I went a couple of weeks ago midweek mid afternoon. Walked into the reception and was greeted by a strong smell of lemon grass. It was nice, but any stronger and it could be mistaken for disinfectant. Friendly receptionist on duty, told me that no-one available atm but Lisa would be free in 30 mins. I recalled reading about Lisa on here so booked myself for a 30 mins massage in 30 mins. Went out for a coffee and returned half an hour later. Paid the receptionist £25 and was ushered into the first door on the right along the long corridor. A few mins later Lisa walked in and introduced herself. Very short middle aged woman, dressed in black T shirt and leggings,facially not all that but seemed in reasonable shape. Told me to get my kit off and lie on the table. She returned a few mins later, dimmed the lights and turned on some oriental music. For a small woman she has a lot of strength in her hands. Gave me a good going over as i lay on my front. 15 mins of that and she came round to do my shoulders, thats when I broached the subject of "extras". "Yes" she replied and asked me what i wanted. Anyway, cut a long story short and being mindful of not wanting to drop this woman or the establishment in it, i had a heck of a good time with her. There was no FS or BJ, but it wasn't needed. After a quick shower in the clean bathroom, i walked out of the building with a big grin in my face. I can see myself becoming a regular at this place. I wonder if there are some younger girls working here cos Lisa told me she was 45..!!! But with the body of someone younger i hasten to add.


- clean and inviting establishment
- friendly staff
- comfortable and secluded reception area
- clean "treatment" rooms and shower
- reasonably priced, extras negotiable.

If anyone wants more explicit details of my encounter then please pm me.

My thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread.

Online webpunter

being mindful of not wanting to drop this woman or the establishment in it, i had a heck of a good time with her.
Read the rest of this thread.  And bear in mind which forum you are on.  No point shutting the gate after the horse has bolted !

Read the rest of this thread.  And bear in mind which forum you are on.  No point shutting the gate after the horse has bolted !

well said  :D

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