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Author Topic: Sala Thai - Hendon Central  (Read 92109 times)

Offline SamLP

I've been to this place 4 times and had massages from 4 different girls. It's 2 minutes from the station.

The massages are good, especially if you tell them you have pain somewhere in your body. I've been offered a HE in every visit towards the end when you're asked to turn over and each one has been good. £20 is the usual price, some will say it straight while others may quote a higher price so you need to haggle a bit.

I generally ask if I can touch them too which is usually agreed. I tend to try and push the boundaries by trying to touch and lick the girls nipples and playing with their pussy. Some won't stop you while some will politely tell you to keep it outside. However, each and every girl I've seen has been friendly and finished off the HE looking and smiling at me, playing with my nipples and balls. Today I managed to lick the girls nipples, play with her pussy and get some serious DFK (a first) while she wanked me off. She even waited until I got dressed at the end to give me another long kiss before I left. I might try and see if I can get more off her the next time I visit.

The massages are £25 for half an hour and £40 an hour. The girls are attractive in their 20's and 30's. There are usually 3-4 girls each day, most work 2-3 days a week.

Offline ddfun

Thanks for the tip Sam.....I went along today and can confirm the massages are first rate. HE offered too.

Very hot looking girl.....late twenties.....body was rock solid when I copped a feel during the hand job......she even gave the prostate a bit of a work out.

I saw Mimi (so she said)......Sam, who have you seen and was your massage from a naked/topless girl?

Offline SamLP

Hey ddfun, glad you enjoyed the visit. I've never paid for a girl to go topless. The main issue I discuss is that I can touch them.

I saw Mimi the first time I went if it's the same one. Very fit and had me really hard with credit card swipes, knew which buttons to press. She offered £40 for topless and HE. I eventually gave her £20 for HE while I fingered her through her tights. She didn't let me touch her tits.

I've seen Penny. I played with her tits and also fingered her through her tights.

Also saw one called Meow, older woman probably late thirties or early forties but gave a slow and good HE after a top massage. I got to play with her tits on the outside and cop a feel of her backside.

Lastly I saw Vivian, would say she's in her thirties. Good massage and was complimenting my body right from the beginning, so I returned the favour and at the end got the most out of her. DFK, pussy play and got to suck on her tits while she wanked me off.

Offline Markus

Thanks for the tips guys, I will definitely check them out after my next punt and will report back.

Vivian seems like she is worth a go.

Offline SamLP

Went back today to see Vivian. Phoned and booked her for half an hour to test how far she would go.

I stripped off as you would for a massage and wrapped the towel around me. She walked in and recognised me, and I wasted no time in letting her know I wasn't here for a massage by giving her a friendly kiss and touching her arms. She quickly copped a feel of my behind and we were locked in an embrace feeling each other up. My towel came off and she took all her clothes off and made sure she locked the door quietly. She's a really horny girl and sensitive to the touch. Licked and played with her tits and fingered her to orgasm. All the while she was wanking me off. I had bought along some condoms and tried to convince her to let me fuck her. She kept saying she really wanted to but couldn't as it would break the rules. I pushed it a few times but not too much as I could see it wouldn't happen, so I was content with DFK and playing about. I eventually came on her body. She cleaned up and me too. We then continued with hushed talk, while we kissed and touched each other until the half hour was over. She suggested she may let me fuck her next time, but it will have to be quiet so no-one can hear. So I may give it a go.

On the way out she put out her hand, so  handed over £20, she tried asking for another £20, but I told her I will give it next time, but I did hand over another fiver. As for her age, apparently she's 39 but has a petite, slim fit body with nice small perky tits. I wouldn't be surprised if she's in her early forties though.

Offline Love2come

Pardon my ignorance but is it standard practice to strip of completely if you have not been before? I've not been before so thought I would ask.

Offline SamLP

Most massage parlours have a towel laid down so when you strip and lie down, you cover yourself with a towel. Professional massage parlours will usually tell you beforehand to keep your underwear on. If they don't and you intend to have a HE then strip off unless they say otherwise.

Offline ddfun


At 50 for half hour of sex......wouldnt you have been better off hitting on one of the profiles on AW or was something about this chick you liked particularly ?........or were you in it just for the thrill of getting it on in a massage parlour?

Offline SamLP

Frankly I attempted it for the thrill of doing it when it's not expected. She genuinely wants to fuck even if it's for money and I still haven't done the deed yet. I'm thinking it may cost £65 in total for half an hour. £25 for the massage and £40 for her. She's no beauty, but attractive for her age and has a nice slim body. If I go through with it, it would be the one time because like you said there are more options on AW.

I see WGs regularly but I do enjoy the mystery of an ostensibly legit massage place. Until I found this website, the mystery was "will she/won't she?". Thanks to the advice of fellow punters on here, the mystery has been reduced slightly to "At what point will she?"  :lol: but still fun. Perhaps more importantly, for those who like a good massage, these places employ experienced (not sure about qualified) masseuses. Where a regular massage place will charge £50 an hour, these joint are £40 + £20 tip, so you get a decent massage and a bit of slap and tickle for an extra tenner. It's cheap harmless fun and I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to break up their punting with something a little different but no less fun.

Btw went the Sala Thai tonight and saw Linda. Poor massage, okay but not great HE. You can do a lot better.

Offline ddfun


I agree with what youre saying about the change but the point i was making is if you're only there for a half hour session you're not really getting a massage or getting sex.

I thoroughly enjoyed the one hour session I had with mimi even though I didnt get away with as much as Sam did with Vivienne.

Offline Carey

Do you get to pick a girl in this place or are you stuck with whoever you get?

Offline andist

Which girls from this team are young? It sounds like they are more older or?

Offline SamLP

Most of them are mid 20's to late 30's but you may find some a little older. All are attractive though in varying degrees.

I've found the key to a good massage is to go in and genuinely explain you have a troublesome back or leg or whatever part of the body you want to say. Opt for the deep tissue massage. At the beginning she will ask if you want hard or medium pressure and if you're uncomfortable you can ask her to either ease up on the pressure or apply more pressure. They will usually give you the girl with the better experience which is usually an older lady, but not always. Of course you can choose the girl if you want. Ask them who is working if you know hem or request you see them. There's no shame, they know what they are offering and the customer comes first.

If you are really after a genuine massage only then the best place I've been to is Thai Harmony in Goodge Street. There's also one in Finchley but I can't remember the name. Also, there is a cheap £35ph one that runs out of a home in Willesden Green.

Also, there is a cheap £35ph one that runs out of a home in Willesden Green.

Slightly off topic, but does this lady offer any extras e.g HE? I think I've stumbled upon her ad before.

Offline SamLP

I don't think so, I haven't been offered any. The massage is genuine. The room isn't so great, it's been split into two with a partition so if there is another person on the other side having a massage you can hear the conversation and vice versa. However, if you want a genuine thai massage that's cheap it's a good option. I've only tried one girl there called Penny, late 40's. I think they've got new ones in but I haven't tried them out.

For those who have been to this place, I notice its on a high street, do you get funny looks when you walk in from passers by or people from the next door shops?

Offline SamLP

No, it's looks and is a legit thai massage shop (apart from the extra). Nobody bats an eyelid.

Offline Wapunga

Hi how does this work? Do you make a payment to the receptionist and that them massure for the service?

Offline SamLP

You pay for a normal massage at the reception and whatever extra is paid to the masseuse at the end.

I want give a try tomorrow. Which girl do you recommend? Can I ask for a specific girl when booking?

Offline ddfun

I had a massage from Jenny at this place.......poor massage, I didn't bother with extras even though she asked........pushed my dick around and said 'it's OK.....you want more?"......yeah wanted more of a massage...... Avoid.

Mimi's still my favourite at this place.

Offline SamLP

Haven't visited that place for over a month now but I did have a recent visit to Maria in Edgware https://www.adultwork.com/899685 or https://www.adultwork.com/marias+massage. Her massage isn't as good as a Thai massage, more Swedish with light strokes, but I would recommend the body to body option. She's beautiful and friendly with a nice body, doesn't object to touching. You will have a good time.

3 review(s) found for marias massage linked to in above post (3 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline SamLP

Mimi's still my favourite at this place.

I agree. I actually went there recently with the intention of just having a massage as I had finished from a punt and wanted a decent massage. I ended up seeing Mimi, she remembered me although I had seen her once around 5 months ago. I asked her how she was and she replied "shit". I asked why and she replied because I hadn't come to see her again. At the reception I told her I'm only here for a massage, too tired to do anything else. When she came into the room after I had undressed and laid down, she began the massage with a slap on my arse and asked what do you mean just a massage. I told her my little man was tired after fucking a girl earlier. Her tantalising touches were making me hard and she said I don't believe you. I laid the challenge and told her if you can make him excited we may lead to somewhere. She can talk a little dirty and was commenting how I've been fucking all day while massaging my sensitive areas, I took the cue to start feeling her legs and arse. This was all 5 minutes into the massage. I then turn over and she straddles me and we negotiate a price. I manage to get her fully naked with kissing included, not fk but sensual kisses for £30. So the rest of the massage was spent touching, sucking her tits, finger fucking her, kissing and her wanking me off. Lots of sliding between her legs earlier as she oiled me and her up and dirty talk. Ended up cumming over her body. Didn't really go there for that but couldn't pass up the opportunity with Mimi. Still feel like I need a genuine massage though.

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