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Author Topic: Offering a prossie friendly advice  (Read 2372 times)

Offline seeker

Who is this punter that advises prossies to put their prices up ...but not for him
Very unpunter like if you ask me.
Does he still post here ???

Offline CatBBW

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A girl I saw about 4 years ago and had a good time with fairly recently appeared on adultwork with an advertised age of 30.  Tallies with the notes I had against her profile from previous punts as age being 27 and looking to be fairly genuine.  I revisited her and the punt was a neutral, service excellent & very enthusiastic, but didn't really find her particularly attractive.  Anyway, last week or so, whilst perusing AW, I saw her profile and noted that she had changed her age to 26.  She just about looked 30, but 26 was pushing it...

What I think you've found here is a lady who was in her 30s when she was advertising as 26 (and could get away with 26), but now that she's approaching 40 she no longer looks like she's in her 20s (but can get away with 30).

"Friendly" advice I've received...I remember a few...

* "You're not as big as I thought you'd be, you should do something to your photos to make you look smaller in them"
* "You should start smoking, you'd look really horny if you smoked"
* "You should reduce your age on your advertising, I can't believe you're that old, you look about 28. Men don't want to book a 40 year old if they're going to turn up looking like they've just left college"
* "Lose some weight or go kill yourself, no one wants to look at you"
* "You should bleach your hair, men prefer blondes"
* "You should give up selling yourself and marry me"

And so on :sarcastic:

Offline potato

I use to give advice but most went in one ear and out the other though some did take notice.  Be careful giving advice by email on AW in case she takes it the wrong way and decides to private note you...  The downside to giving advice is it may make a girl more popular and thus make it harder to see her and then she might decide to up her rates to reduce the demand!

Offline willbred

I totally get and support the OP's case but 30...26??? There are much bigger discrepancies out there needing to be "gently" advised to get into the real fucking world.
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Offline wristjob

I get that, but the ethos of this forum is to put the punter first, in a round about way that's what I was doing, but also trying to give her some advice.

By advertising an age that was clearly fake, going from 30 one day to 26 the next, coupled with using old pics that don't reflect how she currently looks, she's creating an image of a product that doesn't reflect the current product available.  Punters are going to book based on the information available & be confronted with a prossie who doesn't match their expectations in age or looks. So they either go through with it with the girl they expected + min 4 years and not looking like what they signed up for, or they leave and peruse a plan B/C/D etc. Both likely leaving a sour taste.

So post a thread/review on here saying that. Then you could anonymously tip her off that somebody has posted the thread about her age and maybe she will take the hint.

Offline Marmalade

What I think you've found here is a lady who was in her 30s when she was advertising as 26 (and could get away with 26), but now that she's approaching 40 she no longer looks like she's in her 20s (but can get away with 30).
tbh it's like telling anybody how to do their job. I might be expert on how I want someone to do it for me, but I have zilch experience of being a prostitute.

Prostitutes (some) get expert on dealing with punters, and punters become expert (some) on dealing with prostitutes. Same as tradespersons and customers. Expertise has no bearing on how honest the prossies are or what they consider reasonable poetic licence (for Romanians reading this: "lying").

I nearly booked a woman the other day, advertised herself as 19. Looked it on the profile pics. PG was quite cheap so I had a gander. Lots of photos, some looked a few years older and some a few years older than that. Out of two pages, there was only one showing her belly: enormous crater of stretch marks like she'd had kids and grandkids at the same time. Was she 'honest' for actually including it?? It's not a regulated business. You don't go down to the market for a bargain then get home and feel shocked and outraged that the butcher weighted his scales: you feel a dummy (even if he was a cunt). You thought you'd got a bargain. Unfortunately with prossies, you can pay Harvey Nicks prices for something out of the fishmarket on a dark photoshopped night and vice versa. Can't understand people who book three hours with someone they've never seen.
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I expect to get lampooned for this as it affords the girl an opportunity to waste time. On a few punts I've been amazed when the girl leaves the money in the room & on view! Some have even left the room at the end of the punt with me & the cash!

Yes they provide a service, good or bad & with any service provider we can vote with our feet, post etc but stealing is a big no in my book.

Offline Dani

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Giving advice is ok but don't expect her to take any notice.  I dont know about other prossies but I know I get lots of advice from clients and one will say one thing and another the exact opposite.  some will say I need to write less on my profile yet some say they only saw me because my profile makes it clear exactly what is and what is not on offer and what will or wont be acceptable.  Some say I should put A type photos on whilst the next person will say I should have more B type photos. 
One will say My discount between certain hours is great and another will say I should do it for all times of the day or not at all.

What one clients likes is not the same as another client.  Hence most advice gets ignored.  Obviously if it is someone knocking years off their age when they actually look older than they are then that is different as is having photos that are years old or of someone else but any other advice is just from a personal perspective and is what would appeal to that client but may not appeal to hundreds of others.

Just look at the thread asking for advice from a prossie when it came to photos some don't want open leg shot, some do, some don't want to see BJ shots some do.  Some want photos that leave a little to the imagination and some want to see full on porn type photos.  All advice is from your own perspective so if you offer it don't worry if she takes no notice as it probably means she has already had differing advice about the same thing and has chose to stick to what she wants instead of trying to please everyone which is impossible

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