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Author Topic: Jasmine Blonde*  (Read 2635 times)

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Offline nalin

Jasmine* Blonde

£150 + £50 1 hour.

A nice, tidy apartment. Clean bathroom with shower facilities.
Jasmine is not stick slim and I like girls like her. I would say she is size 8 and a sexy body with a lovely butt. Her skin is smooth and she is really hot with or without clothes! She is far prettier than the pictures would suggest and is friendly.
She is a university student in her country and has a warm, helpful personality. Welcomed me with a warm smile dressed in casual short dress as requested. She is an excellent kisser - slow and sensual. She began kissing me as soon as we got in her room gently teasing me by rubbing her body against me closely. got me so hot. She had not asked for the fee, so I placed it on her bedside table indicating there was extra 50. She smiled and grabbed me to continue kissing and undressing. Nice and proper blowjob and after a break for sex in spoon position, she finished off as owo, cim. She and I enjoyed spoon position. A really nice sexual encounter.

I have known this agency for years and I never decline Gabby's recommendations! I have been away a lot hence the delayed review but, Jasmine Blonde is still with the agency - I checked it before this report is done. My next review is likely to be in late this month or early next monthand Gabby has already suggested Harper. Will do a review in due course.

Again, a wonderful hour with a sexy young girl. She would turn any man hot with her gentle, passionate kisses. Thank you - both Jasmine and the receptionist.
-Prettier than pictures
-Warm and friendly
-Sexy, curvy body – not big
-Nice kissing, OWO and A
-Intelligent girl

Oh this is someone putting her agency review in here! The smell of shit gets greater! Sergi? :dash:

Offline helmsdale

Not saying the OP is not genuine but The London Escort Agencies scene must be a very small world as the OP's only other review was of another Agency which also has Jasmine on its books. Makes me think that these multitude of escort agencies are in reality owned by a handful of people.

Banning reason: Making race postings after being barred from Off-Topic section for racist comments. Used up all chances.

Online Tonyleung

Fluffy bollocks

OP she does A?, so did ya visit her peanut Pantheon?

Offline nalin

Hello everyone,

Calm it! I am not touting and I am not Sergi either ( I have been reading comments about this Sergi and often wondered what it was all about).

My review was real and I have used this agency regularly. Jasmine is not just registered with the other agency mentioned - on many others as well.

I have benefitted from replies to my queries and felt I should do a review - I usually do not bother. I have done a few reviews on PN ( including this one copied) in the past and I often use agencies.

It is of course up to you to make up your minds. I do understand that one has to be watchful...

Offline helmsdale

Nalin - most WGs have some quirks, sometimes of service such as they quickly tire of Cowgirl or won't wrap their legs around your back in missionary position or sometimes of physical appearance, no nipples or bad teeth.
If a review doesn't pick up on any of these, forum users will be suspicious - 'too good to be true principle'.

Due to limited finances I punt at the bottom end of the market so these quirks are much more common. If I was paying top dollar for agency girls I would expect them to be perfect. Thats why I said I don't know if you review was genuine or not because I don't have the experience of the high end market to form a judgement.

But I do think these agencies are different brand names, all owned by the same organisation. So someone like Jasmine registers at one agency and her photos end up on numerous agency websites. I don't know this for certain but it makes sense to me. If an agency has one website and has nine rivals, its only going to get a 10% share of the market (all other things being equal), but if it creates another five websites, its going to get a 40% share of the market (all other things being equal).
Banning reason: Making race postings after being barred from Off-Topic section for racist comments. Used up all chances.

Offline mrhappypants

Jasmine* Blonde

She had not asked for the fee, so I placed it on her bedside table indicating there was extra 50. She smiled and grabbed me to continue kissing and undressing.

So just let's recap on this; you gave a 25percent tip at the START of the punt on the first occasion that you met her.  Have I understood this correctly please?

Offline Jason

Nalin, you are lucky enough that I met this girl myself  and I can confirm she is a decent girl. I met her only once but  I consider her as one of my plan Bs whenever I venture to Chelsea Cloisters (the "Candy Cart") - CC - AFAIK she is still working from there. A bit overpriced in my opinion (if she were on Adultwork as independent she should had been charging £110-£120ph) but yet again you sometimes pay extra for the availability that agencies provide plus her 2hr fee is £250. Anyway, for the record here are the several type A agency (see definition of type A here) profiles of this girl (who I personally know as “Perla”):

1. Perla , Admiral escorts: http://www.admiralescorts.com/escort/young-hot-brunette-brunette-34b-perla-2186
2. Perla, Peachy Escorts: http://www.peachyescorts.co.uk/escorts/perla_1803_escort.html
3. Pixie, Diva Escorts: https://www.divaescort.com/girls/blonde-south-kensington-pixie/
4. Jasmine, Premier Models: http://www.premiermodelsuk.com/Jasmine_A-Level-Blonde-Escort.aspx
5. Jasmine, Always escorts: http://www.alwaysescorts.co.uk/female/londonSW3-blonde-escort-owo-alevel-incalls-deepthroat-jasmine.html
6. Jasmine, Babes of London: http://www.babesoflondon.com/Blonde_Escort_Jasmine.htm
7. Jasmine, Top Secret escorts: http://topsecretescorts.co.uk/girl/jasmine-open-minded/
8. Angie, Bond& Mayfair: http://www.bondandmayfair.com/showgirl.html?girl=1604
9. Jasna, Eternity Girls: http://www.eternitygirls.co.uk/escort/sloane-avenue-sw3-jasmin-blonde

@Dave: He paid £50 extra for A-levels (anal sex) but he is too fluffy and referred to it as “A”. Indicating to her that he paid extra £50 was the “hint” to tell her that he paid for anal and get ready for it… the type of bullshit hints they do in USA where prostitution is illegal.

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