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Author Topic: Giselle Blue and Sienna Foxx in Glasgow  (Read 2692 times)

Offline Firebird

Just noticed that these two are in Glasgow but according to there profiles it's only for a couple more days (one or two days to be precise  :P)



Both look stunning, anyone on here seen them before. Really gutted that I won't be able to see either of them before they leave  :dash:

Offline DL288

Neither have prices for their "companionship" - anyone had a quote and does it require a mortgage?!

I am getting cynical in my old age and I very much doubt they will be the girls in the pictures.  :( They also have zero feedback between them.

Offline Wee Man

I saw their profiles earlier and fancied a punt but I am away this weekend so will miss out.

If you Google them Sienna Foxx comes up in a few agency websites in London for £350/hour. I'd like to think their prices would be more realistic in Glasgow where we don't all work in the City and are Merchant Bankers (Freudian slip?). Both of them have profiles on Northern Angels and I've seen a few from here and their photos were all accurate.

Offline Firebird

Both look stunning, would really like to see Giselle in particular, but if her mate is charging £350 an hour I don't see why she would be any different. The prices some girls charge are fucking shocking and considering the fact that there is no feedback and no sign of any modelling or porn work they might have done, asking for £350 for a single hour is a bit fucking cheeky.

sienna fox looks pretty average face wise, good body if you dont mind obvious implants, the photos make the most of her but i think the reality would dissapoint. I reckon she isnt really worth more than £120 hr. Ive never liked the barbie doll look but even then if she is charging in excess of 150 hr she is taking the piss.

Offline Wee Man

Looks like we all got a lucky escape. There was a review on ES from a punter saying he met Giselle outside her flat and she was charging too much so he walked away.

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