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Author Topic: Sophie and Hollielove Bristol Party  (Read 1330 times)

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Offline PuntingPete

I managed to get to the first party of the day 10am - 12pm, advertised as a 'watersports and cum filled gangbang'.

Not being a particular fan of WS I was 50-50 whether or not to attend, but thought for £100 for 2 hours fun I found it difficult to refuse  :)

It was held in a city centre location a 10-15 minute walk from the railway station. As Soph had booked a suite there was plenty of room to move around, 1 double bed well as a decent lounge area.

From the time the party started until it ended, both girls took cock after cock in any hole that was offered. Both girls were busy being spitroasted, dp'd and generally fucked for the whole 2 hours. (At one point Hollie had all 3 holes filled at the same time).  :thumbsup:

The last 10-15 minutes of the party was the WS part. Sophie put some protection on the floor and after she pissed on the floor herself, she scooped up as much as she could and drank it she then knelt there whilst any guy who wished to take part gave her all they had. Holly also took part in the WS but not to the same degree as Soph.

There are 2 more parties today and no doubt there will be plenty more guys to keep the girls happy.

Another great party organised by Sophie, I've not had the pleasure of Hollie before but she was top drawer too  :thumbsup:

Roll on the next party  :drinks:

Great review Pete!
I am at the LMP this evening and did the NSS & WB last time.
Lets hope its a good one, I know its not going to be as dirty but i am still looking forward to it!

Offline PuntingPete

I was thinking of going tonight myself john but I'm getting too old for 2 in one day. Give Amanda one from me  :drinks:

LOL Ive never been to a LMP so very excited! I must admit Amanda looks good!

Offline dave_99

Great review!  I hope there is at least as much action in Cardiff next week.

Offline SteveNova

Great review Pete  :thumbsup:  I was going to put up a separate review of the 3.pm party, but mostly it would read the same! 

There was 8 guys there, although a few left before the end - so missed the water sports show.  Communications were excellent, both before and on the day.  When I arrived both Soph and Hollie were in schoolie outfits, and looking really sexy.  There was ample water available, (handy for the eventual water sports!) and two really filthy and enthusiastic girls, up for most anything.  Guys all shared well and the atmosphere was friendly and relaxed.  I'm exhausted now, having filled all holes for both girls.    :drinks:

The water sports show was a reprise of the earlier event with Soph squatting, pissing, scooping it up and then receiving in the mouth and over the tits, and generally playing with the combined piss.  Although there was plastic sheeting on the carpet Soph managed to spill a fair amount when tidying up  :scare:  Hopefully it'll just look like some spilled drink.

All in all a great session, and Soph fully intends to hold more although she said probably only in the summer.

Was anyone else there from UKP? I did mention at the end but maybe others had left by then.


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