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First review so hope its okay.  :hi:
Just had a good punt with a new Polish girl in the Jewellery Quarter – miss_kate69 via the AW system: https://www.adultwork.com/2579902  or https://www.adultwork.com/miss%5Fkate69

Kate is about 5’ 8” although she towered over me with her high heels on. Her English is very good and you should have no problems communicating with her. First impressions were not very good as I was greeted very informally and was asked to take a shower after asking for her money and then said she would be back in a couple of minutes. Considering I had just taken a shower about 15 minutes before arriving I was a bit miffed about taking yet another one, however I did. Whilst taking the shower I did contemplate just putting my clothes back on and walking out and just consigning it to one of those things. When I got out of the shower and came into the bedroom, it was one of those awkward moments as I had no clothes on whilst Kate had all her clothes on. So we ended up sitting on the edge of the bed about two feet apart, both of us feeling very awkward. After talking a bit I began to warm to her as she is very pretty with a beautiful smile and it transpired that she was nervous as she had only been doing this for two weeks and as this was only my second time I was also nervous, so it didn’t make a good combination. Well I decided that someone had to make the first move so I pulled her close and we started DFK, all thoughts of going long gone. She is an excellent kisser very passionate and I started to undress her and found that she had beautiful tits, 34C/36B firm and natural with nipples that you had to work on which personally I prefer. After feasting on them and removing the rest of her clothes I progressed lower and started on my dessert, after multiple organisms Kate reciprocated and gave me a OWO, it was good but I didn’t cum. At this point Kate gave me a condom to put on which I noticed was not one of those on top of the bedside tables but in a draw. It was really thick and Kate mentioned that I was big (although I have never considered that I was but perhaps I have been watched too much porn). However we moved into the doggie position but I really had absolutely no feeling at all and then moved to missionary which was much better as I could see what I was doing. Kate seemed to enjoy this but then said that my time was up as she had another client in ten minutes, she was very apologetic that she hadn’t made me cum which I assured her wasn’t an issue. So it was a quick visit to the bathroom to clean up, clothes on and exit with a quick peck on the cheek.

Cons: the beginning and the end. The beginning could have just been down to both of us being inexperienced in this type of thing (if you believe her), also she did point out about the shower thing that she had a bad experience with someone who was not very clean, so fair enough. The ending felt like a conveyer belt and I do not like being rushed afterwards, it felt like I was escaping from the returning husband! One other thing was the condom which was way too thick, I think, although I am no expert but perhaps she was worried a normal one may have split.

Pros: a body to die for, an exquisite smile and a face to match!

8/10 – Would I visit again, probably but I want to try more to compare her against.

5 review(s) found for miss_kate69 linked to in above post (4 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline fuddle

From the description, this sounds like a neutral bordering on a negative.  :unknown:

Offline Kuni

From the description, this sounds like a neutral bordering on a negative.  :unknown:

100% agree - I'm struggling to pick out the positives here :P

Offline dilettante

...after multiple organisms...

streptococcus neserria gonorrheansis?
camphylobacter leucopuppus vaginensis?

I hope you got some antibiotics for all of them! ;)

streptococcus neserria gonorrheansis?
camphylobacter leucopuppus vaginensis?

I hope you got some antibiotics for all of them! ;)

Really should check my spelling, 10 out of 10 for proof reading!  :thumbsup:

On reflection perhaps I am giving her the benefit of my misgivings.  :unknown:

Offline elihd

Thanks god for this website. I was going to call her today but not after reading this review! 30 extra for CIM! WTF!?

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