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Author Topic: Lacey34EE pontefract packed in?  (Read 1886 times)

Offline xerxes69

Or just on hols?

An adultwork stalwart and I always intended to see her

Offline leedsman

         Totally packed in I'm afraid. I sent her a text the other week, as I still have her number.

Contact details are still out there, if you want to contact her to find out:


Her aw profile was https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=477021 in case it pops back up.

I saw her a while back, after I was away climbing for a month I promised myself a meeting with her after a month of tents and hard work. She totally met up to my expectations, fun and perky, with those fantastic natural boobs and a oh-so-cute face. They say the fantasy never matches the reality, but Lacey totally did. (bear in mind I'd not seen an actual woman for a month, so perhaps was a little excited).

To be honest, she was wanting to set up a shop in the beauty business, and I hope that all her hard work in the escort business has set her up with enough capital to do what she dreamed of.  Clever, smart and sexy, I'd also not be surprised if she'd settled down with a perma-tanned over manicured manboy that the girl are so keen on these days.

Anyhow. Where one girl moves on with her life, a newer model pops up to take her place. If you want a Lacey that's 10 years younger, well my advice would be this little lady (it's surprisingly a genuine advert too!):


Offline xerxes69

Cheers Leeds, I wish her well. Always good to hear of someone who has given good service but moved onto bigger things

Offline leedsman

Well, it looks like she's back again:


Although the profile has a new email address listed, so I'm not sure if it's 100% her or someone 'borrowing' her pictures. But fairly easy to check out either way!

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