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Author Topic: C&S Paris  (Read 2092 times)

Offline UN_Dr

With Tori / Lili and Eva not available I thought I might try this new girl. Has anyone seen her yet? If not what about Bethany. So far I've only seen Denyason's review from a while back.

Offline denyason

eva is available!  check diamonds....theres now a "bethany" at diamonds though its not the same lass.  click on bethanys AW verification pic....kinda cute i think.  someone else did a review of bethany....think within my OP of bethany.

Offline UN_Dr

Not on Thursday when I am in Newcastle Eva isn't unfortunately. Mind you I don't like her new pic. Looks worse than her old ones. I've seen Bethany's verification pic very cute. How was her deep throat?

Offline denyason

deep throat is very good, lots of tongue, hands and she got stuck in like a dog with a sausage :wackogirl:
very tight.  just had another look of her face pic....very cute and a lovely smile- reminds me of a smurf if you make her blue..... :yahoo:

Offline UN_Dr

Was looking for something a bit more hard core than she offers ie Tori but leaning towards her.

3 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (3 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline toon972

Her feedback on AW is for Tori?

Offline john boy

well worth trying no anal , does owo  rides for england
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Offline UN_Dr

Her feedback on AW is for Tori?
Looks like with Tori stopping for a bit C&S have tried to pull a fast one by using her profile and reviews for Paris.

Offline dino1990

Looks like with Tori stopping for a bit C&S have tried to pull a fast one by using her profile and reviews for Paris.

good spot: On Paris feedback:

My first ever booking; was so nervous. Tori was the perfect girl. Not gonna bother looking elsewhere, just stick with Tori. An absolute pleasure.

Tori has been attracting some great reviews! If you go and see her you'll find out why. Wonderful!

Offline AnthG

Looks like with Tori stopping for a bit C&S have tried to pull a fast one by using her profile and reviews for Paris.
I was coming here just to post that too. They have recycled Tori's profile for Paris. Very dodgy as it gives the impression people were happy with Paris.

Plus all the reviews here on UKP with the numbered link (with all the talk of deepthroat and anal, which I doubt they'll have found another girl to do so easy) but they might just think Tori has changed her name to Paris when its a totally different girls and go expecting this to then be disappointed.
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Offline toon972

That is what I first thought when I saw feedback,that Tori had changed her name to Paris

Offline attack

My computer still comes up with Tori's picture on the profile  :thumbsdown:

Offline AnthG

My computer still comes up with Tori's picture on the profile  :thumbsdown:
You need to clear your browser cache. As it seems the new photos of Paris are named identically to the old of Tori and your browser is loading the old of Tori from the cache as opposed to downloading the current ones of paris from the net.

On another issue. You can see the profile down as vertified. Which renders a pee take of the verification process and this line in the profile FAQ

Q. Are you english?   A. Yes! I have been verified by adultwork now. So at the bottom of my profile adultwork posts your nationality as what your passport states, and mine is British and proud lol also means my age n stuff has also been verified too ;) x

I highly doubt Paris has contacted AW to say here is a diffferent passport with a different photo and name. So like I say it renders AW's verification process a joke. As for all thats known Paris could be French and not British.  :)

Its annoying that C&S have done this as they seemed a pretty good agency till doing this.
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On the left hand side near the bottom of the profile theres a link - Authentic Member? - click on that and you're taken to a second page giving hints on how to spot if a profile is authentic or genuine, towards the bottom of that page is another link which you can use to report if you think (or as we all know in this instance) is fake.

The fact they've left Tori's feedback on there sats it's not an authentic  profile to me.

Offline Bengeo13

Yeah, it's quite misleading, or to put it more accurately very misleading! I left feedback for Tori after one of my visits which now shows as good feedback for Paris who I haven't seen. Not the right way to go about things. Someone should call Trading Standards!
Bit of a shame really because I quite liked Cotton & Silk with the super Tori and nearly as pleasant Bethany

Looks like the profile has gone

Offline KLMman

I recently saw Alex who really is Alana. I would have put a review down, but she said she was going to Spain, working in another part of the entertainment industry.

She was great and really sexy. Though no point in giving more as she is gone for months. My personal experience of C&S has all been good. Though it looks like a one man band with a small number of girls.
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