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Author Topic: Chanel of Heathrow  (Read 2073 times)

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Price - £50 for  30 mins and £1 for parking


Location: Airport hotel on Bath Road, Heathrow.

Appearance: This was a punt on the run today as driving and having to use my phone.  Found Chanel, profile 2 days old and 0 feedback. High risk but I thought I would TOFTT. Turns out very similar to her photos. Age 26 looks right, about a size 6,  5”6 tall, very slim and slender and small breasts no more than an A cup. An ok looking face but some Acne pimples covered in a layer of foundation.  Looking great in the exact outfit shown in the photos.  Also note she was very heavy on the perfume, so beware if you have a nearest and dearest.  All sounding very good so far but there is a caveat in the next section.

Services – Normally I pay £100-£150 for my punts and this was a break from the norm.  I only had 30 mins to spare so my time was limited. Chanel is from Hungary and I know sometimes comms with EE girls are not that great, but she was perfect.  Agreed time by txt, went to venue, txted to say arrived, given room number and sorted.  Speaks English well so no language barrier. I  Handed over a bargain bucket £50 for French kissing, OWO, mutual oral and sex.  The punt was about to start, then I saw her teeth which were not the best. Looked like she had not looked after them and needed to spend time and a great deal of money with a decent dentist.  I never noticed this before because although she smiled, she must know it’s a flaw and therefore smiles with her lips closed.
I am not over fussy but do believe in total hygiene.  I took the decision to proceed but ditch the kissing and did oral with.  She was very positive,  good oral skills even with the rubber fitted.  Allows fingers and got quite wet with my efforts.  10 mins of OW, doesn’t suck balls but I was very pleased. Based on the teeth I decided to avoid oral on her just in case.  Again might have been over cautious but if you can’t look after you teeth, what else don’t you look after.  In the pussy department the smell of her on my fingers was as fresh as a daisy, so not much to worry about.
Then onto sex and although I am not a smaller chap, she was extremely tight. I knew she would be from my fingering experience.  She jumped on top and slowly eased me in. WOW great I thought.  Then energetic and really nice rhythm sex in cowboy, then mish with her legs over my shoulders.  I asked if it was ok to go for it and she said fine.  Gave her a solid pounding with her ankles by my ears.  Then onto doggy and it was clear our mutual fit was not ideal and I stepped it down at gear to gentle and sensual.  She doesn’t provide CIM, but with the teeth issue I was not worried.  Popped in doggy in that lovely tight pussy. She politely removed the cover and cleaned me off with wet wipes.  I didn’t take her up on the massage as time was short and  I jumped into the shower to remove any channel that might have rubbed off from Chanel.  This is a really difficult call but just steps into a positive.Without the slight face pimples and 2/10 teeth, she was really fit, tiny boobs, pert hang your coat nipples and a really game girl. She said she worked previously in Stratford, Hounslow, White Chapel so has  done the rounds but still remains enthusiastic.

Great comms and speaks English well
Good oral with, which was my choice
Tight pussy, took my pleasure piece  and didn’t complain although it was a really tight fit.
Enthusiastic and wants you to have a good time
No clock watching, by the time I had a shower I had run over by 10 mins and this was not problem.

Not being cruel but terrible front teeth
Level of perfume could get some in trouble. Take your Lynx with you.

Overall although I will not return as I prefer a slightly more upmarket feel,  but told myself with all the positives how much better was I  going to do for £50.  For those not bothered about teeth and like smaller chested A cups and like bargain bucket, then  I recommend her. My rating is


1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Profile gone already, no idea, your guess is as good as mine.  Hopefully not my teeth comment.

Offline pumps

Always save and add pics to the thread so she can be identified later ;-)

That's her TSW, how did you find her under a totally different name etc ?

At £40 for 30mins, she is a bargain as long as she does not get burned out.  Which alas her teeth have already.  If you are not into kissing or no worried about the teeth for OWO, just like to give a  straight up pounding then you cannot go wrong  :thumbsup:

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