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Author Topic: Wild and Juicy Gina (Carlton Centre, Lincoln)  (Read 622 times)

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Offline chris2010


I have been a regular visitor to the apartment around the back of the Carlton Centre for about a year and a half or so. Some of the girls there have been fantastic, though increasingly they've been underwhelming and many have been bad punts overall.

Gina is the latest that has been a bad punt.

Seemed very uncomfortable doing what she was doing and I'm prepared to accept that I'm not the most attractive guy but it would be nice if she could pretend a little bit if she's going to stay in this line of work.
I wasn't allowed to touch her ample tits and was pushed away when trying to and got a blowjob which involved her head being in the general vicinity of my dick but very little sucking.

In the end we finished in doggy which was good. Unlike some of the girls who work here she's quite a bit younger and her pussy has a lot less miles on the clock so to speak so she's still fairly tight and this is a selling point at least though it doesn't make up for a fairly bad and mechanical punt overall.

After having looked at some of the other feedback here I'm really thinking of giving up on the Carlton Centre girls and think that there are better options elsewhere in Notts and Leicester.

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Offline Jackjones

Can't agree more for the cost you can get better, withless "Extras" charges from alot more of the girls outside of Lincoln.

That being said i have been to the Carlton Centre place a few times and my best punts there have been when Thai girls are there as they always seem to be more relaxed about the whole thing and alot more giving in services.

Much like you tho after one bad punt there i started looking around at which point i found out how little i was getting for the cost!

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