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Author Topic: Best excuse for traces of lipstick on face?  (Read 1599 times)

Who caught you out (wife, bird) and since you had no excuse what happened after?

Wife and possibly others but all I heard at the time was something like "What's that red stuff around your mouth? It looks like..." and she stopped there. I knew what it was straight away and instinctively bolted out of the room and quickly wiped it off. Nobody got a second look. I came back shortly with a lame "dunno what that was" and crossed my fingers. The had a day of the silent treatment but since the evidence was removed quickly there could be no further questioning. Things have been a bit warm and cold since so I think I'm under observation/surveillance now. She's not stupid but in my normal persona I don't even talk to opposite sex so it's a massive stretch for her to conclude that I've been with another women.

I'm usually very meticulous in all aspects work and personal life. For this punt I broke all my own rules and operating procedures. The WG I visited was amazing though and must have, er, cast a spell on me or something like that.

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