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Author Topic: What 'services' do you never bother with?  (Read 2084 times)

Offline socks

Never done adult baby minding, tie and tease, hardsports, dogging or role play off the top of my head. Nor swinging - how do prossies work that? I've not done enema either but would like to now I think about it - but only a cosmetic one ie a nice clean blast of milk, water, champers from her arse all over me, rather than witnessing a first cleanse of the week flushing  :vomit:

Offline NIK

Offline Mr Br1ghts1de

Water Sports, Hard Sports, S&M, BDSM, Strap ons.

Offline Cactus

Anal does absolutely nothing for me, tried it a good few times, but not for me.  Rimming too. I love to look at a female arse, spank an arse & squeeze an arse, but putting my cock, tongue or finger in said arse leaves me cold. The arsehole for me has one function & it's not for me to stick stuff in.

And as for putting anything in my arse... I know what my arsehole gets up to in its everyday life, so I'd go nowhere near it!

DFK too, nothing worse than any woman shoving her tongue deep into my mouth, turns me right off. Kissing, in my opinion, should be done with the lips.  :rose:

Offline shagbambi

Anything anal. BDSM. Watersports. All not my thing.

On the subject of fingering I love it! One of the essential skills of foreplay.

Offline smiths

Massage, Anal penetration, water sports, hard sports, BDSM, car meets, dogging, sybian and machine sex.

Offline itk

Massage. A time-wasting ploy so they spend less time doing what they've been paid for, sucking and a fucking. Also, water sports and S&M.
I don't mind lap dancing if it's done well, nice to see her undress and tease me a little before I get my hands on her.

Offline CBPaul

Out of the great long list of likes it's probably easier to say what I do go for  :sarcastic:

Oral, sex, kissing and possibly massage but ONLY between rounds or at the end to make sure I get the full time I've paid for.

There is some absolute crap on the likes lists though.

BDSM etc, not interested.
Water sports, hard sports, period play  :vomit:
Sybian - I can watch that for free but can't see the point, besides do they all really have a machine ?
Hand jobs - quite good at that myself for free.
Tantric - is this the biggest time wasting ploy of all ?

Lap dance, massage, anal & SNOWBALLING!

Offline Mr Br1ghts1de

I don't mind a massage after the 1st round as long as its a good massage and not just a token one. I find it relaxes me and gets me worked up for round 2. I usually always call time on it though.

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