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Author Topic: Super Saturday  (Read 1086 times)

Nothing to do with the footie which lets face it is rarely super these days but instead I've lined up an hour with Keeva on Saturday and then,after an hour's rest its off to see Lily & Eva for Round 2.
If any of you are paramedics and you get a call on the afternoon then I'll be the one lying face down in the gutter with a smile on my face.
I shall report back providing the second booking hasn't gone tits up!!

Offline sentinel

Bloody hell mate.

You're going to have to eat an awful lot of Weetabix to handle a day like that.

Keeva for an hour would be enough to finish me off but then a duo with those two minxes all on the same day !!  :wacko:
Banning reason: Fluffy dick

Offline denyason

you must have 2 months of spunk in ya ball bags to do that many girls in a day.  I can do 2 if i'm lucky then my balls are dryer than Madona's fanny.  thats a lot of dosh also.

Offline johnny34

Thats going to be some hat-trick. More chance of you getting yours rather than newcastle on sunday  :D

Haha. I saw Keeva a couple of months and then saw Morgan of Diamonds a couple of hours later...the following day a lass at work asked if I was suffering frm piles seeing as how
 I could hardly walk!!!
The only only other time was Adriana followed by Grace Diamonds..looks wise about as good as it gets if not exactly full on filth!
Speaking of Adriana I see shes relocated.Jesus I hope shes packed her thermal knickers!!!
Ah well roll on Saturday and wish me luck I think I'll need it.

Offline big p ne

God bless you. just drop me a line if you need a hand.  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Aye after Keeva has finished with me I may need a super sub to come off the bench for the second leg!!!!

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