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Author Topic: Looking for a"thick " white woman.  (Read 11687 times)

Offline molloyalloy

Are you her pimp by any chance?

No... he's pretty much right. Although he underplayed her arse- it is MASSIVE! When I saw the thread title the first girl I thought of was JEnny Melone. She is approaching BBW though. Also I would have preferred her with some make up on and hair down- she wasn't quite as pretty as she is in many of her pics. She's definitely worth at least a half hour punt of anyone who likes PAWGs.
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Offline boardyhell

sorry hope i didn't offend anyone but was the first thing that came into my head

Offline EnglishRebecca121

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OK so not cheap but jasmine is one of the most sweet sexy ladies i know and her ass is a real life peach!

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Offline Biscuitman

OK, bustier, but enhanced...


This is what she looks like in reality...

that is Karlie Simon the Porn star. £70 is a bargain considering she is £300 with Sugarbabes!
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Offline Biscuitman

Holy shit, she is phenomenal!!!!!

Has anyone seen her?...
How the hell is that thick ?
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