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Author Topic: Busty Audrey  (Read 920 times)

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Managed to get an appointment with Audrey on Friday,made the appointment by text then phoned when arrived. Was guided to the flat in Britton Close,Golders Green by the maid, didnt't like this much as walking and talking on the phone in an area i'm unfamiliar with leaves me or anyone vulnerable. The maid answered the door and asked me to leave my shoes by the door and showed me to the room. A few moments later in walked Audrey,paid £100 for an hour and was left to undress. Audrey looks exactly like her photos about a size 12 i reckon all in proportion to her magnificent boobs.
She is very quiet spoken and very polite, asking the normal questions about how was my day and what were my plans for the rest of the day. Wasn't offered kissing and didn't ask, had a bit of a massage which was ok but not that stimulating. Turned over at which point she asked if i wanted OW or OWO, had OWO. I must say it was perfect not rushed at all,very very slow with good use of finger tips and cupping of my balls. I was so happy with this i just let her carry on for what seemed a lifetime,stopped her a few times as didn't want to pop too soon. Proceeded to mish,watching those magnificent tits wibble wobble about was enough to send me past the point of no return so ended up with a quick bombay roll and finished on tits.
She is a nice girl but the whole thing was a little sedate and borderline vanilla. Has a lovely rack and gives a lovely BJ but at £100 i think i wont return. £80 is about right maybe £90 so i think the extra £20 is for her tits.

9 review(s) found for Busty Audrey linked to in above post (6 positive, 3 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline LL

I saw her about a year ago.  Didn't realise she was in London again.  It wasn't the best punt I've had but I agree, her tits are magnificent - the best I've ever played with.  I'm half-tempted to go see her again.

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