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Author Topic: LadyMarmaladeParties Birmingham  (Read 2000 times)

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Offline Captain Caveman

So I went to this party last week and here's how it went down (no pun intended):

https://www.adultwork.com/2523918 or https://www.adultwork.com/LMP%5FBirmingham

Submitted booking request via email and my place was promptly confirmed. Phoned on the morning of the party to confirm I was still coming and get address. Good comms throughout.

The venue is easy to find and I had no problem parking on the street nearby.

On entry, there were four girls waiting in the lounge dressed in their underwear and a couple of other guys. Sorted out the paperwork, changed and showered and returned to the lounge as more guys arrived. Altogether there were 4 girls and 6 or 7 guys so the promised low ratio was delivered.

The girls were:

Izabella. Very attractive Polish girl: leggy, tanned, with enhanced tits and long dark hair. She remembered me from one of the LMP London parties before Christmas, which impressed me, and she served the guys with their choice of wine, beer or soft drinks.

Toni. Another tall and very attractive girl, English, tall, blond and with enhanced tits.

Amanda. Pretty, tanned and slutty-looking English brunette with small naturals.

Isobel Dean. Cute English redhead with pale skin and smallish natural tits.

All photos on the AW profile are accurate.

In the 10 minutes before the party got going, there was good banter between the girls and the guys and at one point Amanda sat on my lap and wriggled her bum on my rapidly stiffening cock.

The party started and I and half the guys followed Izabella and Isobel in one room while Toni and Amanda led the remaining guys into the other room.

Had a good session with Izabella, she sucked my cock while another guy worked on her pussy and then we swapped ends and I ate her pussy and rimmed her arse. Swapped again and I rubbered up and fucked her in doggy to completion. Pop 1.

Brief break in the lounge and then into the other room. Got to work on Toni's pussy while she sucked another guy and Amanda was similarly engaged next to us. Swapped ends again and then mounted her in mish. Really horny to fuck her looking down on her huge tits, pretty face and blond mane - Pop 2.

Slightly longer break and then back to the first room. OWO and RO with Isobel and then doggy. Didn't quite manage to pop so took another quick break.

Back into action, this time with Amanda. For her pure filthiness, she was my favourite. When we weren't fucking and sucking she played with her tits and pussy while I wanked over her. Eventually fucked her in mish and, with her encouraging dirty talk and me reaching over to grope Toni's jugs, this brought me to Pop 3.

Party now winding down with guys gradually leaving and for the last 10 minutes I had the pleasure of lying on a bed with all 4 girls to myself - Isobel sucking me, my fingers in Izabella's snatch, Amanda nibbling my nipples and Toni stroking my legs! Even so, I didn't quite make Pop 4 and called it a day.

Overall, I thought it was an excellent party and at £140 for 2 hours, great VFM. Well organised, friendly and cracking girls all eager to please.

No real negatives - there was one guy who tried to hog the girls but he was tactfully but firmly moved on by the girls so they handled that well.

However, even though they were doubles, I did feel the beds were a little small for two girls and multiple guys and at one point I had a guy's foot stuck in my armpit!

I also noticed that, before going down on a guy, the girl would ask if they wanted OWO or a condom. I didn't see any takers for the covered option and wonder if this is a new thing at LMP. Sensible precaution or 'elf and safety gone mad'?

I've been to other parties from other organisers over the years and found the LMP London operation has always set the gold standard. The new Birmingham venue has hit the ground running and I definitely recommend a visit.
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3 review(s) found for LMP_Birmingham linked to in above post (3 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Madone1

Sounds great think I will get my ass to brum for the next party glad there were not too many guys as  the only thing that puts me off is lots of cocks. :scare:

It's just like watching 3D porn :-D

It was one hell of a party :D I got all 4 at the end to :yahoo: I loved it and Amanda was my favorite but all the others were awesome to

My feedback's on auto-censored

Offline Captain Caveman

think I will get my ass to brum

Please do! It'd be good to get a few more guys attending so we can press a fifth Marmalette into action.  :)
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Offline CoolTiger

Please do! It'd be good to get a few more guys attending so we can press a fifth Marmalette into action.  :)

Great idea..... then convince Emms to release Karly Porn Star for the day  :D :D

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