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Author Topic: Mya85  (Read 1367 times)

Offline Vinblanc

Just got a RB from this girl - anyone seen her? https://www.adultwork.com/1129057

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Offline Vinblanc

Just had a reply with pics from her. It this bait & switch?

Offline Pauluk1

I saw her a few years ago after she bid on a RB.
She is genuine.  Pretty girl, great tits.  Solid service.  She used to charge £80 for the hour.

Offline blue80

Recently had a RB request from her, out of the bids so far she has been the only 1 to read what I'm looking for and responded accordingly

Has a great pair of tits on her and very tempted to see her - checked here and a post about 3 profiles, but only 1 exists now, recent feedback and 100% positive - no results on RIS and no telephone number

Please tell me someone has seen her recently

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