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Author Topic: Emilee (Ninitang) - Stevenage  (Read 1459 times)

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Plan "C" was needed... Early unexpected return to Herts., decided to give little fella an outing but short notice.... Tried several on HL and was going nowhere!! So hell with it, try Ninitang in central Stevenage.  Ninitang in the classic "Thai Auntie" with different girls each week:
https://www.adultwork.com/1779882 or https://www.adultwork.com/ninitang

I had made attempts to book with her before but was cautious and declined. However, she said new girl, size 6, lovely booties. I asked if all likes were included to be told all condom covered but full service! So after two more futile phone calls from the "B" list, I went back and booked a 7:30pm.

Apartment is above shops in the Quadrant behind Holiday Inn Express, easy no charge parking - up stairway, through gate and open door welcomed by middle aged thai woman who called me "Dalink". Upstairs she says. So off I go feeling aprehensive and ready to walk, to be greeted by this stunning Thai girl in pretty cool lingerie. The room is very dark with a low wattage reddish light - I prefer a light room to see whats what! Hand over paperwork and when she returns I attempt welcome cuddle and kiss - no kissing she says! I protest but she walks around the bed and sheds all her clothes [that's a bit I enjoy doing, so miffed]. She tells me to take of my clothes, I do but get a grip of her from behind and attempt a little peck, but no. Onto bed and she want to put the cover on straight away!! No way.. A little cuddle and stroke, followed by RO (sweet) then started the finger action to be pushed away and said no.  :thumbsdown:

So nothing left to do put put on mac and bang in the gel!! All positions but no heart in it though. Shame lovely girl... not too responsive. Told me she leaves for Birmingham on Monday, sounds like she travels a fair bit... Must be a Thai network for exchange.

Definitely not a "small 6 girl" more the 8, 5'4" and 29year old... so AW profile page a complete fabrication as was Auntie's Full service included!!

On the way out I made representation to Auntie - you told me full and there was no kissing! Reply was nice 18 next week, she kiss you try then....

Big disapointment - should have kept fella and £ in pants and try a better punt later....  :angry:

2 review(s) found for ninitang linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Saw another girl over Christmas there - actually found her on gumtree looking for massages but ended up getting a lot more! ha ha! Sounded better than your experience. Similar setup in Harlow that I frequent quite often. I've had some absolute crackers there but also some similar experiences to you. In short it's a risk so best left to plan C!

Offline CBPaul

Thanks for the review sumertime  :drinks:

I have looked at the profile a few times, when I get my occasional hankering for some oriental but always end up too wary of a crap punt. Sounds like a similar outfit in Cambridge a few years back, one 24 year old turned out to be her granny and a fit as fuck early 20's prossie seemed to develop a tuberculotic cough mid way through. These places seem to operate the same way, rapid turn around of prossies and basic service.

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