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Author Topic: Late night fun...  (Read 810 times)

Offline Lsf

How late is late when it comes to appointments? I can understand it must be difficult with drunks but I love driving late on empty roads and it'd be fun if I could have a pitstop!

Offline sentinel

I think most girls, especially agency ones, have roundabout a 2am finish.

This would more than likely be the case with in-calls as they wouldn't want to cause problems with neighbours etc. with noise from cars pulling up at the door and general activity on the street etc.

Outcalls might have a bit more flexibility as regards late bookings as it is the punter's neighbours who are then the ones who might have cause to complain.

Some girls on AW will do car meets and one of them at the dead of night might be great fun.  ;) ;) ;)

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