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Author Topic: Simone Claire - star.xxx 69  (Read 2931 times)

Hi guys,

I am totally new to punting and this forum as well. The more I read the more happy I am that I found this amazing source of useful info for free men :-)

I am just about booking my first escort. I am thinking of booking star.xxx as I used to like a few her vids she did some years before. And that could be the problem. I have read some reviews of hers and my feelings are just mixed. The main problem is that she allegedly put some weight on. I definitely want to avoid big disappointment so I would like to ask if there is anyone who had experience with star.xxx can confirm her recent look and level of services she provides.

Thank you in advance 


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Offline Matium

According to the review, she's heavier and smaller than what her Adultwork profile suggests.

Offline nigel4498

Crumbs, that's not a profile, it's an advertisement for all her porn movies.
When did you find the time to read it? I gave up as couldn't be arsed

I met her a couple of weeks ago in a Notts hotel

For a £100 I though I'd give her a go. She's a nice lass and I took my video camera with me as filming was included in the price in which can be normally £50 extra. She told me she that she was a size 12 but I think a bit bigger than that but I'm not sure on dress sizes as I've nether worn one :D

She did come across a little bit loud but was nice enough. She did owo and cim and was happy enough with unlimited sex and I think everything else on her profile was available. I had a good time with her but she won't be everybody's type, Some will love her and others might not it just depends what you like but I can't fault her service.

Thanks for all your contributions. I have read all the reviews but was looking for some fresh info. According to Chezzie John she might be still worth trying.

Punted with her years ago, probably 6/7 years back, when she was touring Newcastle. Didn't find her facially amazing but I'd not seen her porn stuff. If you've seen her films and like her then you're onto a winner. Regardless, she had a lovely body. Slim but with room to grab (not sure if she's put on weight or is the same) and a really filthy service. Loads of kissing and dirty talk and happy with anal as hard as you like. I'd have definitely went back - a really nice lass.

A good few years back though, so whether it's still at that level I have no idea.

If it was my first ever punt I don't think I'd start with Simone as she's bigger than I'd normally go for and as Andy said not really a stunner and her personality might scare some people. But for what she offers it's a good price and she's a nice enough lass, Plus she's a ex porn star

The upsides you mentioned quite explain why I really think of booking her. The rest.... I don't know,maybe it's not that bad.  :)

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