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Author Topic: Thai Coco vs Thai Anita  (Read 1322 times)

Just wondered if one have better service than the other I've seen Anita twice and she was great, I know a few people have said coco was a bit moody, just wondered if anyone had seen coco recently and could give any more of an insight?

2 review(s) found for CHERRY REAL HOT. linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Not seen coco myself. But I'm sure it was a different coco that had been reviewed. I think the new girl has taken over profile. 

Is anita in leicester ? when was the last time you saw her?

Haven't seen Anita for around 3 months. I believe she's in Wolverhampton. Check aw or viva street as they are updated quite regularly for the girls. Although b&s is still very common.

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