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Author Topic: devotions , at your service , kitty &co , aspirations  (Read 700 times)

Offline vision2014


Anybody been to the the following in the last  month are they all still in the same place been off scene for 4 months now
devotions was in the old pink building is it there or have they moved I know the maid said they were thinking of moving
at your service is it still on pershore rd near roundabout
kitty is that still open
aspirations I know 6 months ago they closed the gates is it re opened or moved

Offline bestpunt

Yes all are still running devotions have a few new girls in the last 3 months..but the best of the bunch Angelique a busty curvy turkish lady who likes it rough

Offline virgil

Can someone confirm Annabelles is currently open?

That is the name (or Annabellas) that Aspirations changed to about 8 or more years ago although an Aspirations sign had never been taken down.

I would be pleased but surprised if it had re-opened.

I liked the way the girls were brought out one at a time, said hello and disappeared so you didn't choose in front of them all and nice atmosphere, I thought (and like the others names...cheap).

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