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Author Topic: Den!yse  (Read 1689 times)

8 review(s) for DEN!SSA (2 positive, 3 neutral, 3 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline HughJardon

Trying to get my Reviewing cap on. Todays review is about Den!yse

https://www.adultwork.com/2065683 or https://www.adultwork.com/Den%21yse

Well we are all aware of the Romanian ladies and there tarnished reputations, and usually for good reason, Denyse is an exception to the rule IMO.
Have been looking at this profile for somewhile, very pretty blue eyed blonde lady with a GREAT set of Tits and decent FB. Anyway was in the area and gave her a call, she answered immediately which is odd because she only corresponds via Texts, the location Overstone Court, I no this to be a favourite haunt of many EE girls. She gave me the address details and within minutes I was at the door.
She opened up wearing just a skimpy pair of panties, tits glisening in the sunlight immediately turning me into a jibbering idiot, as the late Sid Jamess would say "Koooorrr!" Got my dithering ass in the room and gave her the £60 for half service.
No kissing unfortunatley, but that was more me than her as I paid extra attention to her tits. She gave me a lovely covered BJ technique was good and I sense I could of got her to do more, as I gyrated my knob in and out of her mouth freestyling no hands !!!
Took her in Mish, which was good as its better slippery when wet
She then rode me with great technique and vigour with those juicy Cans of hers bouncing about, it was just like a "dope a rope"
She then twisted and pulled my knob until completion, lovely time should have gone for the hour !!!
Had a little chat and she explained she does not know when she will be in Cardiff again but not leaving until Thursday.
There will Defo be a sequel from me
Got home later that night with no regrets, hope your experience is/was as good as mine
Faith restored (a tad) in Romania !!!!!!!!

8 review(s) found for DEN!SSA linked to in above post (2 positive, 3 neutral, 3 negative)

 Was the no French kissing or the owo down to your choice or her 'discretion' or do you think it was never on offer, or only for longer bookings :scare:
Looks good value, wish I had time to sample her wares :coolgirl:

Offline HughJardon

Its not something im too bothered with but her profile states she does at discretion, when ontop of her she did keep eye contact for me to go in for the kill.
Good punt tho, go get her mate !!!

Offline odynsfee

I also paid her a visit yesterday and I agree she does have a fantastic pair of tits in fact the best I've ever got my mits on,a lovely tight body and a friendly enough attitude, however as kissing is quite important to me I was a bit disappointed when she refused as I feel that it ads to the build up prior to the deed.no fingering either and to be honest I don't think that she put enough effort into the half hour meeting, as in complaining that she was tired after only a few minutes on top which to me is of putting so I just plugged away in mish, cum and got the fuck out of there,probably the most disappointing  I've had out of about 70 punts apart from Busty Nicky, but I'm not on my own there I know!
She reminded me of the typical Romanian stereotype that you read about so much on here, never mind you live and learn, perhaps she didn't like me I don't really know, but she does have a few similar negative feedbacks on AW
I will not be going back, same really as she could have great potential with a body like that

Phew, if I hadn't of already booked with Tanya last week for today, I was going to try and see this lady!
Glad I didn't now  :drinks:

Offline HughJardon

 Sorry to hear that odynsfee and quite suprised as well i suppose you just dont no which way the wind blows with these broads, she was friendly with me from the gecko showing me her toys she won up barry island cars models etc we flirted and got on, im not a great looking fella well im no humphrey bogart but ive been told i look romanian it might be that lol but fuck i hope not

Offline HughJardon

SWW i think Tanya is different league so cant be compared to this £60 punt but I no who id pick Tt

Offline Hotmat

Time to dig out an old thread...
She is back, !
So Hugh, is she the one in the photo? Or has the profile been sold to another WG ?

Offline mr big

like I said before good review on a roma don't sway me even from a top guy like hugh ive learnt to keep the 60 or 100 u would of spent on the roma and put it with the rest and get a consistant punt which will blow your mind

Offline HughJardon

Time to dig out an old thread...
She is back, !
So Hugh, is she the one in the photo? Or has the profile been sold to another WG ?

I mentioned her on a previous Romas thread late last year,  her Tits are like Torpedoes and for days I was obsessing about getting my meat hooks all over them. Anyway I went with the promise of meeting up with her only to have another girl waiting behind the door. I'm not saying it's not the same girl but without face shots on the profile no one can guarantee seeing big Titted Denyse.

Offline HughJardon

Had a look at her current profile photos and it's not the same girl,  the girl I punted also used the name Natty huge Tits - I will try and dig out a photo- Also if I get time I'll swing by and take a look in the flesh,  you never know and if the girl is half decent I will just pay for a Blow job for 40 notes ala Sharpshoes style  :P
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