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Author Topic: greatest nicola xxx - Woking  (Read 8013 times)

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Offline Vivago

https://www.adultwork.com/2565389 or https://www.adultwork.com/greatest+nicola+xxx

Here is a real winner in Woking.

Comms.  Good.  Sent a SMS a couple of hours before the anticipated meeting.  Quickly acknowleged and confirmed for requested time.  Followed up with a AW booking request.  Asked SP to wear sexy lingerie and hold-ups, which she complied with to breathtaking effect.

Location.  Luxury apartment, 5 minutes walk from Woking train station.  Second time I have punted in this block of flats.  Had a memorable punt here with Jesse of the now defunct Surrey Escorts about 4-5 years ago.

Nicola claims to be Italian which I have no reason to dispute.  Asked her to speak dirty to me in Italian as I was fucking her, which she did.  At least it sounded like Italian.  She looks exactly as in her profile pics on AW.  Pleasant, slightly slutty face atop a great body.  She claims on her profile to be an ex-Porn Star and by Jove she looks it.  All over tan.  Best pair of bangers I've seen in ages.  Thought they were bolt-ons but she says not and they felt natural enough.  Says she is 32 but looks a little younger.  Curvy but fit looking with little tummy fat.  Basically the girl you see in the pics.

Performance.  Superb by my not too demanding standards.  She does everything on her 'likes' list as inclusive in her rate except anal which is an extra 30 quid.  We did FK, OWO, CIM, ball licking, RO, DATY and deep fingering which she seemed to thoroughly enjoy as her moans and juiced up pussy seemed to suggest..  Sex was vanilla in the usual positions.  I came twice in the hour and we even had time for a little back massage for a few minutes at the end.  No obvious clock watching.

Positives  -  Everything.

Negatives   -  Nothing although if I was being nit picky I could say that she wouldn't keep her hands off my cock which might be a positive to some :lol:.  And she insisted on using lube although she seemed to produce enough natural lubrication to make it unnecessary.

1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline inch

AW profile claims they are 42" enhanced tits.

A 42" bust suggests a much larger lady than the pictures. And interesting they were natural, yet are listed as enhanced.

Good to get a positive, but something is a bit screwy somewhere.

Glad you had a good punt  :yahoo:.  I can't find the AW listing but curly blonde  with died  hair like that and her face defo rings a bell.  Not punted her in a previous profile  but unless I'm going mad,  under a different listing 38 ish but I'm taking it from memory. I  Maybe have gone crazy. If she is 32 I am tempted to have a crack, if it's all positives and no negatives.  Did you suggest rimming as a giving service ?

Offline Vivago

Enhanced or not, they are a fine pair of tits and if they are (and I suspect they are) they are bloody well done.

She said she had been in the country 2 years so she must have had a previous profile wherever she was before.

Age wise she could be 30 and she could be 40.  What matters most is she looks good and is a damn good fuck.

Offline Larios

Thanks for the heads up Vivago.

I went to see her based on your review and had a great time. The first time I have limped away from a meeting. She was seriously hot!  :crazy:

Offline che_666999

Looks like a good punt ticks all the boxes and a great body.
But her face looks a bit off putting, how is she in real life?
Which one of the gallery pics is the closest match??

Offline Larios

She looks heavily made up in her pics. When you go to see her she looks far more natural. Big brown eyes and delicate features. Also the killer body you mention. She also really seems to enjoy sex and you will be in very nice surroundings. I dislike punting in seedy places.

WTF has happened to her face? Looks like the plastic surgeon has run riot with the scalpel!

Offline Vivago

WTF has happened to her face? Looks like the plastic surgeon has run riot with the scalpel!

 :lol:...she has obviously had some work done but she looks OK in the flesh and her cracking body (albeit with bolt-on tits) will soon take your mind off her mug anyway.  She puts in a good shift, too.  As Larios says, you will leave her with a smile on your face.

She is supposedly a retired porn star, which I can well believe.  Would love to know her working name to see if I can dig anything up on her.  Anybody recognize her?

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Offline che_666999

I actually checked out her private gallery and there are some softer pics there, but still no oil painting but decent. On my "to do" list for when she is around next time.

Probably better then one of those pretty little things, that look good but have a bad attitude.

Is this the same girl


I'm guessing it is, for some reason she changed profile name. Anyone know why? Looks worth a decent punt, might try my luck

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Offline Vivago

Looks to be the same girl that I saw last summer. She has only dropped a couple of x's in her profile title so is obviously not trying to hide anything. :lol:

Has an odd looking face (but strangely erotic nonetheless) and a cracking body and was great fun when I saw her. Always wanted to go back and try her arse, but never got around to it before she moved on.
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Offline wocc_eight

I've seen Nicola half a dozen times alone, and with other girls.

Her boobs are enhanced, but the job was done well.

The pictures of her face don't do her justice at all: too much make up. In person she is much softer, less harsh looking. She has a great body.

She cums wonderfully when you suck on her clit, or when you caress her g-spot.

Her oral is very good, and, ( if you haven't tried it yet ), an anal fuck with Nicola is sublime.

See disappeared from Woking for a while, but was back recently, and with a new adultwork profile.
Banning reason: Undesirable

Offline NightKid

Tried setting up a meet with her earlier now that she's nearer to London, but she quoted me a hidden extra £20 for CIM.

Not sure if that justifies a full blown negative review, but thought I'd mention that in this thread just in case.

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