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Author Topic: Butterfly's weston super mare  (Read 4495 times)

Offline gsumner

Please can someone share some comments about butterfly's massage parkour in weston super mare as I can't seem to find a review and a little afraid of it being a scary experience.


 :unknown: shouldn't this be in the south west section?

Offline dumdonuts

mainly all EE girls and sometimes an english girl shows up. you could be lucky and get a stunner that works there but like most parlours these days you probably wont. they also try the oral is £20 extra etc etc.
don't bother with the website as it's never up to date, i think dianna is the only one always there from the website

Offline gsumner

So what do you get for £90 before they try to squeeze more money out of you.  What's this £30 glory hole bit. Can you talk us through your visit. Cheers ;-)

I used to be a regular visitor in my naive early days of punting. Some times were good, looking back now it was because i didn't know any better. didn't know about AW or UKP.

At it worst going to butterflies is as painful as going to the dentist. shit half arsed hand jobs, and cold looks as though the girls want to get back to whatever the fuck they were doing. This is not hyperbole.

At it's best (which is rare these days) butterflies is a place to quickly shoot your load and have some quick dirty fun all for a good price. knowing that you'll be welcome back.

For £90 you get

Sex: one pop
Oral with
A massage
What the old school WG's call a "full personal service" :)

Basically whatever you can negotiate. I'm sorry to be so harsh on this place because it was my first experience of paid sex and i felt I was treated pretty well by some of the WG's who used to work there. But if you look like  a sucker they will try and charge you for everything. It'll be like amsterdam without the sculpted bodies fake tits and fake personalities, replaced with stick thin or "curvy" types.

A second pop will be £20
Expect to pay for any kinky shit including dirty talk.

If you want to go in there your best bet is to take an extra 20 and see what extras you can negotiate. be prepared to walk though as they'll try and squeeze all they can out of you.



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