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Author Topic: Socialising with WG's  (Read 13948 times)

Offline Dani

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Got to say I was surprised he lasted this long as I thought he would have been banned a few days ago as it was obvious he/she/it was here just to try and cause trouble.  He had a problem with everyone who did not agree with his idea of paying to chat to a prossie he hardly knew just because he thought they hit it off.
His account stayed pretty much inactive until recently so it is a case of school holiday syndrome again?

Offline Daffodil

what was his ID the first time around?

I think he might have been a previously banned member and, if so, my money was on lovingfacials. A poster also from the West Midlands, with a similar posting style to "Aspley", who was also very sensitive.

When I mentioned it in "off topic" he went very quiet on the thread, but of course may just not have seen it and his ban came not long after.

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