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Author Topic: HotxxAlexa Coventry  (Read 6822 times)

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Offline PolishGirlLover


Met HotAlexa today for 1 hour. Usually dont travel that far for a meet because the risk of girls I don't know cancelling. However I met this woman once before when she briefly worked in Birmingham last year even if she didn't remember me so I knew she was legit.

Comms was good she was friendly and most importantly for me answered on the first call which I use as a good indicator for a girl that has a good attitude and takes her 'work' seriously. Even multiple calls later on the train while travelling to let her know I'm on my way were answered promptly. She is Czech but she speaks perfect english, she still has her accent though, but can understand you and reply perfectly.

Lookswise you can see for yourself as she doesnt block her photos. She looks exactly as the pictures nothing jumped out as being strange or odd other than a few piercings placed in unusual places. I spotted one on her right back shoulder. Even though I don't like tattoos I didn't mind hers and they were not excessive in my book.

Location was good it was located on a side road so away from busy traffic and prying eyes. However its a good 20 mins walk from the central train station that's if you dont have a car so prepare yourself for a good walk. Not far though and its easy to get there. Getting in was easy as Alexa talked me through the step by step at the intercom and I was in in a flash. She was round the back of the blocks which was even better so we had more discretion rather going through the front door.

Alexa opened with a sexy black lingerie dress, stocking combo. I dont know what its called but it was nice package and was off quickly once we got to it. Strangely, at least to me anyway, she didn't ask for the money immediately leading me to think that she forgot too. Im used to girls demanding cash up front within 5 mins of meeting. This girl is slightly different however. I had my hand going to my wallet after we made a brief introductory chat but before I took it out she asked if I wanted a shower. Seeing as I had agreed to rimming on the phone I obliged. I decided to forget about the money too and went off to the shower.

The room was nice I might add very simple with a bed which was very low to the floor. She said it was a Japanese style futon bed thing. I didnt care it was comfortable and we had a great time on it.

We started off sensually kissing while standing it went to DFK which was great our tongues sliding over each other. Transferred to the bed where we engaged in foreplay I asked for rimming which she did fantastically I could tell she was an expert as she mixed it with large tongue strokes the length of my body which made me shiver. If you go to see her don't worry this woman knows what shes doing. My guess also if you want a professional massage (even though I didn't go for that) then it wouldn't be a bad one either as she dished out some decent body to body strokes reminiscent of a professional masseuse I had seen in the past. Bear in mind she doesnt do CIM or OWO but I didnt mind its not a major thing for me.

Her attitude was great very accommodating, friendly and personable. Offered me some water and was nice even wiped my face of her makeup before I left. I had pecked her on the cheek. She never seemed like she had her own agenda and was very attentive to my needs. We did Spooning and Missionary for most of the hour. I had to concentrate not to cum too soon as I wanted my moneys worth since I was paying an hour. So I just focused on making her cum.

Overall a great time with her and at no point did she look at her watch or did I get the impression she was rushing. I actually had thought we had gone slightly over by the time it was over but when I looked at the time we finished 45mins with last 15 having a conversation. She plans to move to London in September but will occasionally come back to Cov for work she told me. So my advice get in now before she becomes scarce. I had a standard 'vanilla' experience so I can't give much more advice on other services but if its on her likes list she said she WILL do it and from what I gather do it WELL.

Pleasant attitude
Sensual touching
Good communication

A lot of make up (I went to the bathroom after and my face was caked in huge amount of blush)
Room is right next to front door so we heard her friend and a client outside doing a  booking (not her fault and it was only briefly)

Alexa was accommodating and didn't seem aloof. Was eager to please and I feel she would have done anything I wanted, provided it was on her likes list, without complaint.

Visit again: Not anytime soon as its a long journey. I went simply because as my Plan A was not answering her phone.
Reccomend: Yes

This is my first review I hope its helpful.

5 review(s) found for HotxxAlexa linked to in above post (4 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline virgil

Good review!

I think she used to work at Massage Northampton when it first opened and left just before I got there to see her.

Looks tall and an acquired look I would say but you have brought her back into my maybe thoughts.

Offline Riyjay13

I saw Alexa a couple of months ago. I'd definitely recommend.

Nice clean apartment that I've been to a couple of times before to see two other Czech girls. Good shower facilities and a feeling of security that put me at ease.

I used to steer clear of EE girls until I discovered Busty Demi, Susan and the Coventry Lower Ford Street set up. The girls who work here tend not to do OWO but in my experience they all offer good value. All these girls are Czech. Again, in my experience, when in Coventry avoid the Roms.

Alexa is beautifully mannered with a terrific body if not necessarily the most beautiful girl to use the premises (that would be the legendary Sweet Susan, now sadly retired). Alexa is however tremendously skilled with lubrication, applying it copiously to get me nice and hard and again for both sex and anal (which was extra but well worth it). She was also okay when I wanted to sniff a popper before cumming over her tits.

Very relaxed punt and one I'd definitely consider returning for.

Offline ATMIV

The thread you started about the average age of a punter, drew me to your review.

I take it you're a relatively young man, however your review is very mature , informative and exceptionally useful

Nice one!

Banning reason: Prossie fanboy

Offline juicing30

Hot Alexa seems to have disappeared ??
Anyone know if she will be back ?
And maybe when ?

Thank you

Offline ScouserRod

She tends to go back home for a few weeks and then returns sometimes in Birmingham and sometimes to Coventry and stays a few weeks. You will just have to keep checking but she has only fairly recently left. Hope this helps?

Offline honeyman12

Hello Polishgirllover

I was surfing the net and quickly searched this porn video, though I have not met HotxxAlexa but I assume that she is the girl in this video, can you please confirm that just click this link

Offline CoolTiger

Hello Polishgirllover

I was surfing the net and quickly searched this porn video, though I have not met HotxxAlexa but I assume that she is the girl in this video, can you please confirm that just click this link

He can't respond, as he has been banned!!!!

Offline honeyman12

I am really very sorry that he was banned, I hope that you are reading and watched the video clip

Offline juicing30

Anyone have any idea if she will be returning too the Midlands ???

Offline ScouserRod

Alexa is back in the UK but currently in London !!

Offline ScouserRod

For what it's worth-Hot Alexa's profile shows she is back in Coventry-logged in but not showing as "Available" today !!

Offline velocity

Alexa came back again, her profile is active, have any one seen since she came back the time before this time.
Banning reason: STD allegations

Offline juicing30

Every time I get a chance too book her she seems to disappear again .
Anyone have an idea if she will be back ??

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