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Author Topic: Submissive Eve Castle Bromwich  (Read 3563 times)

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Comms: I tried to phone her but her phone was switched off. I fired off a text  asking for an appointment later on that evening and got a reply back about half an hour later saying yes she was available. two txt later I had her post code. I got her building and flat number when I was on her street

location: An Flat in Castle Bromwich with plenty of parking. I don't really know this part of town well so can't really comment on public transport. It was a building with about 8 Flats in it. The building has a buzzer type thing so you get buzzed in on ringing the bell. The street was quiet at the time i got there so fairly discrete. The place itself was in good nick though the event happened in a small bedroom with a really small bed which is a negative for me.

Looks. IT was really dark in the room with only candles for light so i din't see much of her . from what i could see  she was 6-7 facially. Her boobs were small on the saggy side. she had a great ass. Age wise 26 she is not. more like early to mid 30's

Attitude: she had good attitude i have to say. very eager to please. she initiated DFK which i hadn't asked for and she was really good at. She doesn't talk much. i think for the whole time i was there we exchanged 10 sentences. maybe it was my fault but i got the impression that her English was not that great.

On entering her flat i was led into the working room at the end of the hall. We took care of the fiances and she looked ready to crack on but i asked for a shower and she provided a towel and i  used her bathroom which had a really crappy shower contraption which kept popping off. any way back in the room. we indulged in a lot of DFK, OWO, then sex in cowgirl, missionary and finishing of in Doggie. I didn't ask for CIM nor Anal but other punters on here report its on offer. Before i went to  doggie i took one lick of her fanny to test out for some possible RO but she didn't taste fresh so i moved on without partaking. She has a nice ass which she didn't mid me spanking. I also did some hair pulling again without any complaints from her.

I was out of there after 30 min even though i paid for one hour but i have to be clear that that was not the WG fault. I was really not in a great mood so didn't want to spend time in anyone's company. I just wanted to pump and dump and as i am a one pop guy didn't really see the need to spend more time there.

Positives: Great attitude and very willing to please. Also really good VFM at 80ph
Negatives. Saggy boobs, small bed. She was also not freshly washed.

Conclusion: Evn though she is friendly has great attitude (which is the most important thing for me) it's a neutral because of her small room, saggy boobs and her not tasting fresh. To be fair to her i wasn't really in a great mood so that was probably one of the reason i din't enjoy this punt. I also think i have been spoilt by all the great punts i have had with some excellence WGs in London like Stacy Summer, Maggie and of course Wet Ginger.

Will i be visiting again: No. She provides good GFE but she is just not for me.
Recommended: Yes
VFM: Yes

6 review(s) found for .submissive.eva linked to in above post (3 positive, 2 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Dodo

Interesting review CC.....thanks
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is this some joke?
  my age - I'm have verification so check :)
Breast - photos are mine - SEEN ME IN PICTURES!!
room - I like it :)

Offline Admin

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is this some joke?
  my age - I'm have verification so check :)
Breast - photos are mine - SEEN ME IN PICTURES!!
room - I like it :)

I see from your email address postings on Polish website asking for girls to work as 'escorts'. Unusual thing for an 'independent escort' to do. But expected for a pimp who is trafficking girls to the UK.

Offline Borat

This surely proves that these Poles aren't what I and many others had thought.
They seem to be controlled and pimped.
She is part if the Skyline group where Pola,Sam,Eva (this one), and a few others operate from.

I just can't believe an intelligent girl like Pola with such good looks can let herself get pimped like this.

I feel obliged to jump in on this one.

Positive: Attitude
Negatives: Bad body odour, horrendous smell from down below, breath stunk, saggy tits and arse, not the safest area to be parking your car, some services advertised were not available.

The only positive is her attitude, and that's being generous.
I'll write a full review when I have some free time. In the meantime, AVOID like the plague.

Offline sushi

She's changed her name to .Fuck my ass.

6 review(s) found for .submissive.eva linked to in above post (3 positive, 2 neutral, 1 negative)

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