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Author Topic: sharron hot (was Shakira) – Slough  (Read 2718 times)

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Offline xsw21

sharron hot (was Shakira) – Slough



I saw Sharon for just a 30min blowjob as on her profile she states that she is good at deep throating…

Quote from her profile

‘’Im also experienced at PSE ive got the skill set of deep throating :)’’

So agent XS went to see if this was indeed correct and to test if she could be the first to get his cock down fully to the base.


The girl in the pic right now isn’t the girl I saw and if it had been, I would have been very happy. I knew this was previously Shakira’s profile as she’d been on my radar for a while so I presumed that she had given her profile to someone else, but that was not the case. When I got there, it was indeed Shakira and not the girl in the pics at the moment. So it was a bit of bait and switch, but I wasn’t really too bothered as I already had a small inclining that Shakira was still the girl behind the profile. I did ask her why there is another girls pic up and she said someone else was using her profile for a couple days, but I don’t know if that’s true or not. I don’t get why she’s using someone else’s pics as she used to have her own pics up and is certainly hot enough not to need to pull such a tactic. Sharon/Shakira or whatever you wanna call her, has blonde hair and is a very attractive girl. I would definitely approach her in a bar or turn to check her out on the street. She is around 25, 5’6’’ and has a nice slim body, though it could do with a bit of toning. Her breasts are ok, nothing amazing and do have a slight sag to them, but don’t let that put you off because she is hot.


She works in a flat not far from slough town centre and the area itself is easy to find. Once I got to the area, I was given the flat number and that’s when it got difficult because her buzzer isn’t easy to find. I must have walked around the whole block for 15mins looking at each buzzer for her flat number, but just could not find it. Then finally I got on the phone to her and she talked me through it. If you visit her, the buzzer is hidden under a little sheltered car park…. Her room was very neat and tidy with a comfortable double bed.  There’s enough space around the bed to walk around etc., so you don’t really feel cramped.


Sharon/Shakira is a nightmare to get hold of as she only escorts part time, but once you manage to get through, she does communicate very well. Her English is extremely good so you won’t have an issue chatting to her.

The meeting

I knocked on the door and was let Inside whilst she hid behind it. She greeted me with a smile and guided me into the bedroom. I confirmed the service that I wanted, she agreed, I handed over the cash and she went to stash it while I got naked. She returned wearing a black corset type thingy, no panties and no stockings. I was sat on the edge of the bed and then I got up to break the ice by kissing her. I was instantly disappointed with the kiss as there were no tongues involved and she kept her mouth firmly closed.

I soon gave up and sat back on the bed to let her suck me off. She knelt on the floor between my legs and started to suck on my cock. I was pleasantly surprised because I could tell as soon as my cock entered her mouth that this blowjob was completely different to what I’m used to. This girl knew what she was doing as she did not suck rapidly like amateurs often do… she went slow and it felt great. I wanted to lie down so I slid back onto the bed and she stepped up to lie between my crotch.

She went back to sucking on my cock with a great technique that varies in styles. She sucked my balls, licked my whole length repeatedly, wanked my cock in-between sucking and slapped my cock on her tongue. I was thoroughly enjoying her sucking so I encouraged her to introduce some deep throating into it. She gave it a good go, but sadly, this girl is not the deep throat specialist I was hoping for. She did go deep though and held my cock there for a few seconds at a time throughout the session, but she just never managed to get it all in. According to her, I am bigger than most and she can usually do average sized cocks so I asked her what average was and then she used my cock as a ruler to show me how big her average client is. True or not, it’s still a great feeling when a woman uses your cock as a measure to show how big others are. Though I know this is the usual escort bollox of telling you that you’re big so they can get away with not doing certain services.

Time was nearing its end and subtle hint came from her when she said that I should have booked 1hr instead because I take a while to cum. Ok, hint taken so I told her to finish me off. She said cim is £20 extra so I can’t cum in her mouth unless I can pay extra. I figured that would be the case so I got her to wank me off to a finish. She lay next to me while tossing me and I erupted all over her hand and my tummy.

A quick clean up with the wipes, she left to wash her hands and I got changed. I too had a quick wash of my hands and though she didn’t offer a shower, I’m sure it would have been fine if I had asked,

Before I left, I questioned her about anal and it is correct that she charges £60 extra, which is a crazy amount, but she also let me know that I would not be able to take part in that service as she prefers smaller cocks up there….


I had a great time with Sharon/Shakira, even if it was a bait and switch. The blowjob was actually the best I’ve ever had so I cannot complain and would probably return again just for that. She is a pretty girl so I have no idea why she’s using fake pics, perhaps she will fix that if she reads this review. You definitely won’t be disappointed by her looks because she is hot, but the bad kissing will be a massive let down. I think she would be better suited to dropping her price by £10, reworking her profile and also changing the stupid price she’s set for anal.


Good blowjob
Very pretty girl
Very good English, actually perfect English


Bait and switch
cim extra
Lips closed when kissing
Flat entrance difficult to find
Difficult to get hold of
Not the deep throat specialist she says she is
Anal is an unbelievable £60 extra!!!!

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damn, had been waiting to see her but glad she blow/blew you nicely  :thumbsup:
only if it was the girl in the pic lol
nice update, thanks

Thanks for the review.

She is a pretty girl so I have no idea why she’s using fake pics

I've had a similar experience and I scratch my head at this too.

You were on two reviews for a while, I'm glad to see you've posted more now. Looking forward to read more of your reviews.  :thumbsup:

Offline xsw21

You were on two reviews for a while, I'm glad to see you've posted more now. Looking forward to read more of your reviews.  :thumbsup:

Yes that’s because I don’t really punt when I’m dating someone and even when I’m single I don’t stay single for too long…

But yes, I will try to post every review I can  :dance:

Thank you  :thumbsup:

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