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Author Topic: Edinburgh Saunas 2014  (Read 1861 times)

Offline Largs43

I'll be a first time punter in August 2014, plan on using London Street Sauna one day & Blair Street Sauna the next.

(I tried contacting 3 top Edinburgh WGs recommended on UK Punting to arrange appointments, but none have replied! Maybe 'cos I've no points myself on AV). So LSS & BSS it is!

I'll cut my toenails the night before, should shave my pubes too? What else do the girls like/dislike/expect?

Offline tojosmith

you should go to lss sauna  try mona first class  her last day tomm
Banning reason: Touting by PM

Pity, I always meant to see her again - is she retiring?

Offline bbb

ffs... not again. Dog, if you read the 12 posts from togo they are always basically adverts for Mona. i.e. togo = Mona.  :sarcastic:

Offline Largs43

Which day of the week's best for a punt in London Street Sauna, or Blair Street?

I enjoyed London Street on a Tuesday afternoon, but I take it there are more punters at the weekend: are there extra girls working the weekends, or would I just have less choice & a longer wait?

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