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Author Topic: SensualSarax – North Acton (remember to add a location folks!)  (Read 941 times)

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I saw Sara a couple of weeks ago for an infall.

She operates out of a clean, modern flat across the road from North Acton station. I see she's in Scotland at the moment.

She is Polish and the flat usually has two Polish girls in at any time. I think they come and go, moving around the country to keep the punters coming.

I spoke to her handler, i.e. a woman handles calls for a number of WGs and arranges the time. Comms were good. I arrived on time, phoned the handler and then received a call from Sara herself to confirm she was ready. Buzzed in and hopped in the lift up to her floor. Discreet and comfortable.

She greeted me on arrival in heels, black French knickers and a white vest top with nipples visible through the material. I had asked for a dress but this was lost between her handler and her it seems. I didn't mind because Sara has a magnificent rump. Big, dappled with a bit of cellulite but very firm. She is a size 12 and solidly built for milking a cow or general farm work. I knew she'd be able to handle me.

She has short, shiny black hair, brown skin with freckles from too much time in the sun, great fake tits that looked and felt very real, with a bar through one of the nipples. Big grin with decent teeth. Her look, while not classically pretty drives me wild. She has a bit of weight around her belly but it's all firm and fruity.

The Act:
Sara was pleased to fully french kiss and took my unsheathed cock in her mouth with vigour. She smelled good and although I could taste a little hint of smoke on her breath she'd chewed gum before I arrived (on request) and this freshened her breath. I loved our deep snogging.

She has a beautiful cunt, well shaven and a snug fit. She takes a rimming as well. The sex wasn't wild, more GFE but I enjoyed being in her arms, caressing her smooth skin. I asked for a pic but she declined. If you want to see her face you can in the private pics.

I only had half an hour for £70 but left with a smile on my face.

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