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Offline Kuni

https://www.adultwork.com/1172825 or https://www.adultwork.com/Elizabeth+Jones

Setting the Scene

I put a Reverse Booking up for Saturday evening earlier in the week mentioning that I enjoyed slow OWO and general teasing. I had a few bids to agonise over but ended up deciding I'd try for experience over youth and accepted a £120 bid for an hour from Elizabeth Jones (same as requested in RB but £40 lower than her usual hourly rate). I was a little nervous as she is almost double my age but I was intrigued to sample her oral skills which had been praised in her feedback on AW.


This was an outcall booking so she visited me at my modest flat :P It's comfortable and pleasant enough I guess but I don't expect anyone will be that interested as I don't rent it out for others to punt in, lol.

The Girl

So there's only one picture (from behind) on her AW Profile and no hint of what her face looks like so this was possibly a bit of a risk. I had spoken with blue from here and checked feedback on what her looks were like so I was reasonably hopeful. It turned out I had nothing to really worry about. She doesn't look anything like her age (47) and her body is firm - her chest would be the envy of many a younger girl in fact. She came wearing a dress with a basque and stockings / suspenders on underneath with heels. I was personally very happy!

The Meet

Absolutely nothing negative to say here. We started with a teasing massage which relaxed me nicely and she then asked to see my prostate massage toy which I had mentioned in texts prior to our meeting. She hadn't used one before and was very curious to try it out. Turns out she was a natural at using it and this was accompanied by amazing slow teasing OWO - plenty of flicking and licking with her very talented tongue. She actually got very aroused by the whole situation and proceeded to grind herself down on top of me to bring herself to a surprising out-of-the-blue orgasm. There then followed plenty more teasing with lots of intense eye contact leading to me eventually telling her I was about to climax and her replying with "Yes, you are" - pretty hot I must admit!

All in all, a definite positive experience and one I would be tempted to repeat and would certainly recommend. We also had great conversation before and after and the meet went over the hour by about 20 minutes or so.


Did I mention all the important points? I think I did but feel free to comment below if not :)

1 review(s) found for Elizabeth Jones linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline broksonic

I have had Elizabeth Jones bid on reverser bookings of mine several times .  Have never excepted due to the lack of pictures and me worrying what she looks like.
After reading your review I will except a reverse booking from her , if  she bids
Banning reason: White-knight leaver

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