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Author Topic: How to spot fake profiles on Adult work.  (Read 1559 times)

Offline Minder

Hey guys,

Im pretty new here, how do the regs spot fake profiles easy?

I was just checking this profile and looks good, but my instinct says its fake

profile name Tammy_Agats

says falkirk but call her on Edinburgh number?
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Offline Minder

https://www.adultwork.com/2419069   oops  :P

since making first post they have moved towns  :lol:  that was a fast move.

 Was Falkirk now:   Kirkcaldy City Centre

by the next 10 minutes they could well move to Edinburgh  :lol:

first phone number: 0131 618 2513

second phone number: 0131 618 6502
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Offline Stew

Google image search shows the pics in the the profile you posted to be a model called Dalia Dayze. There's your first clue.

Clue 2 is that in the hooker's blurb she says her boobs are a B-cup and the pics show much larger knockers than a B.

Spotting fakes becomes easier with time, and reading UKP.

Offline jackdaw

Best looking bird in Christendom. Practicing most of the perversions known to man, including hard sports, for 140 quid per hour.

Yes, you'd have to be a lot more optimistic than I am to entertain notion that this one isn't bait and switch, at best.

Offline broksonic

Alert: The authenticity or legitimacy of this member's profile has been brought into question. Please exercise caution. (more info.)

I think this warns us of a fake profile
Banning reason: White-knight leaver

Offline dilettante

Of the new ones I get emailed, anything with three shots of a young lacklustre Romanian in sexually-inviting poses is ignored.  As does anything which is clearly "photoshopped" - you can easily tell these after a while, too good to be true and where the back- and foreground don't marry.

Anything that interests me goes in my "New Talent" hotlist for monitoring purposes - I'd want to see what sort of FB they get first, though if they're Polish and perhaps Czech I might (notionally) consider trying them out to TOFTT (risk your money on a rank outsider so you can report back to the UKP community on the outcome).

Don't think it matters if they get the "Legitimacy" warning showing, this will just be based on an unknown algorithm in the software and everyone has to start somewhere.

Offline dilettante

NB just checked this one out and No!  NO!!  NOOOO!!!!  Clearly fake!

Offline thewonderingdick

If it says Romanian Fake! if she is beautiful and no reviews Fake! If you are not allowed to view feedbacks Fake! If she wants you to send a deposit Fake! If her photos look too good to be true Fake if she asks  too much cash to view her photo gallery Fake!

Online Steve2

Alert: The authenticity or legitimacy of this member's profile has been brought into question. Please exercise caution. (more info.)

I think this warns us of a fake profile

Normally just a brand new profile that hasn't been verified

Offline sushi

The Alert isnt put on all new profiles its put on the profiles Adultwork suspect aren't British. 

Watch out also for the phantom or illusory client / punter feedback on such profiles.
For example, mutually glowing feedback between WG / client which are timed
literally minutes apart of each other.

Offline wristjob

If there's one there's usually more. Look out for multiple profiles that are all similar. Round here there were quite a lot that all had 3 profile pics, a PG with about 6 pics at £1, no normal gallery - lots of things that were all similar. If you search based on last edit time you see 2-3 in the same postcode next to oneanother and of course they are updated several times a day. Not a guarantee they are fake but you know it's probably B&S or PG scam.

Phoning and getting a text back "tests are so much more sexy hun" - do I even need to say it.

For me one sign it's genuine is multiple photos in different environments - so professional pics then pictures on the bed in the holiday inn. Flip side is samey pics, esp ones that look like they are in a EE country - not much effort gone into that.

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