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Author Topic: Samantha British (Staines but on tour in many locations)  (Read 2957 times)

3 review(s) for this service provider (AdultWork - 1637276) (1 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Price -£130 for 60 mins (offering discounted price on the day from £150)


Location: Staines flat close to train station.  Tours so seems never in the same place that often. Flat was clean and minimal, I have been there before to visit other escorts so I guess they hire it by the day.

Appearance: I visited Sam on 31/7. Her photos are totally out of date. She advertises as size 12.  Reality is she is size 16-18 and has put on a good few stone since her pictures.  I don’t mind a BBW but Samantha was fat and not voluptuous.  Belly hidden under a corset, large droopy breasts that point to the floor, cellulite on legs, arse etc. On the positive she is about the stated age of 25 and had a nice pretty face.

Services: After seeing Sam in the flesh I should have walked, but my nether brain was telling to give it a go, so I did.  Turned out to be a big mistake.  Having paid then asked about kissing, school boy error.  She advised she doesn’t kiss but makes up for it in other ways.
Started with a back massage which was just her running her fingers up and down my back and occasionally blowing in my ear.  OK I thought massage obviously not her thing.  On to OWO.  She has a very light touch and good use of hands to massage your balls whilst she gives a good suck.  Doesn’t take anything deep and focuses really on the head.  All being said a good blow job. Tried to build a bit of chemistry but either was not bothered or  unable to hold a decent conversation.  I’m afraid to say it’s all down hill from here on in.  Asked to give her some oral and was advised no fingers, which is her prerogative.  After about 10 soft licks she said she was too sensitive and I would have to stop. So on with the rubber and asked for her to start on top.  Of course the response is “ I never go on top”. Started with doggy and immediately found she was very  loose in the pussy dept. Think of a bucket of custard and you get the idea.  After 20 or so thrusts I began to see cottage type cheese on the condom, so either has a problem in there or had put some strange cream inside herself.  As this point I was relieved I had only given her a few external licks. I continued in doggy for another 5 mins but found the gunge whatever it was a real turn off.  I asked if she did CIM and she said yes.  A vigorous wank and she took the whole lot but did not swallow. At that point, it was safe to ask about the discharge.  She said she didn’t see a problem and got quite bolshy. Even when I presented the condom to her with gunge still present, she just told me I had 10 mins left and it was time to take a shower.  I showed her my phone and her number that I called before she told me the flat number. It was 25 minutes before. She ignored this logic and said time to go.  I replied that I had booked for an hour but would happily take a refund for the remaining half hour.  No surprises when she replies in an eat shit attitude, I never give refunds. I Gave it up as a lost cause and left and went straight home to domestos my nether regions.
Pretty face
Good OWO

Photos far too outdated, Not size 12 but 16-18
Droopy breasts, a big belly and cellulite city
Bad hygiene in the pussy department and when challenged had an attitude
No kissing
Be better off talking to a door, no personality at all
Thinks that her shit don’t stink
You pay for an hour and get 30 mins
No wonder she continually tours as no one would return.

You have been warned, I would avoid her at all costs.  Only wish I had seen her review by Dogfather a week before.  We have all done, but should have walked when I first saw her.

Rating based purely on good OWO and gives her


3 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (1 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Kentpunt

the stuff coming from her pussy sounds fucking vile, thank goodness you didnt lick for too long

It still sends a chill down my spine just thinking about it.  Only saving grace was listerine in bathroom for an immediate gargle and then 2 days of TCP gargles to prevent any nuclear strikes.
My only positive is to sympathise with those who may have given her a full tongueing in the custard box.

Offline Kentpunt

id be gargling dettol!
i hope you left her a shit feedback

I need to check on AW as it was a phone appointment not via AW. I would imagine she will reject any request to confirm the meeting took place.  Am I correct in thinking I can just leave neutral feedback without her having to accept it?  I would prefer to leave negative so all folks get a clear view of what a piece of excrement she is.  Have been a member of AW for several years with only positive feedback so hopefully, folks will appreciate the feedback is genuine. In over 15 years of punting, this skank is the worst I have been unfortunate to meet.

Offline berksboy

   Think you can put want you like in feedback ?

Just to clarify, as never posted negative before on AW.  Without Sam having a booking accepted on AW I can post negative feedback and possibly  write a full review to give the shit sordid details?  For some reason I thought you could only post neutral if no booking had been sent via AW and accepted by the escort ?

Offline Kentpunt

might be a bit tricky leaving feedback then

Why has she got such good feedback? one guy says he traveled 700 miles to see her! f*cling bullshit

Sorry you got taken in for the "hour" OP.
I went to see her on the back of a 2013 duo report on here. That turned out to be a load of old balls from a banned member.

AW feedback take with a pinch of salt. Even UKP can get dodgy reports but I'd much rather rely on UKP as it's almost always right. Golden Rule is to search UKP first before any booking!

By AW reviews should have been a good punt. Then again may only register a booking if she feels someone likes her and can deal with her shit attitude and cellulite. Only 6 reviews in the last 7 months. Plenty of time to pile on a massive gut and gain a  shit attitude.  Sometimes working girls need to take a rest as their brains can be fried.  For Samantha she is not only fried, roasted and boiled, she should leave the trade.  Just goes to show, AW reviews cannot be a guarantee of a great time.  I'm sticking with UKP, at least DF gave an honest review as did I.

Any advice on how to post a negative review on AW without a booking being confirmed  would be appreciated ?

Offline Natwest

Thank God for UK Punting!

This thread has just saved me from throwing away £130 on a booking. Thank you so much to the OP.

Your Welcome Waverley.  That's what this site and reviews are all about  :).  I have already deleted a few girls  from my HL on the basis of reviews from UKP. So that's the benefit of sharing  :thumbsup:

Offline SlickyD

Wow that sounded like a bloody horrible punt.

Actually felt a bit sick when I read the bit about her gungy pussy  :vomit: :vomit: disgusting.

Offline James999

She looks older in her profile pics than her stated profile age as well, and if they are old pics she must be around 40  :scare:

Bearing in mind her size it's no surprise her blog is about food, if that's the most interesting thing in her life she can talk about no wonder you'd rather talk to a door  :thumbsdown:

And heavy use of photoshop (badly) to try and hide her looks

enlarge this image and look at her right hand  :lol:

« Last Edit: August 13, 2014, 08:36:43 AM by James999 »

Nice spot on the photo shop James.  Exactly where the fatulite is then suddenly she is slimmer and smooth.

Thoughts of cottage cheese still make me wince  :scare:

Offline rups

Is this the same girl or is this new profiler just unlucky in selecting her name ?


Thoughts appreciated

Offline Louise 100% British

  • Service Provider
  • Posts: 1,032
It's not her.
Completely different person.
I don't think Sam works any more.

You can tell from the image that's posted  (link works )
« Last Edit: June 20, 2016, 08:09:53 PM by Louise 100% British »

Is this the same girl or is this new profiler just unlucky in selecting her name ?


Thoughts appreciated
Not the Sam that I visited based on the photo.

If the original Sam has retired, then it's good news for the punting world  :hi:

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