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    Author Topic: Jerry The Album. Positions Various - The Sauna Years  (Read 3590 times)

    Offline Jerry1972

    Paula at BSS was the first ever sauna WG I met just over 7 years ago. I was nervous and went floppy when the condom went on, so she carried on with OWO and CIM.  A fond memory!  Sadly she hasn't aged well.  As much as I like Heidi, she can be too passive and a bit mechanical (though probably still way above average for a sauna girl and she's still got the looks).

    Na, shes no aged well. Asides from the extra weight shes startin to look haggard and a helluva lot older than she is. Tragic aye?

    Also feel sorry  for the punters at LSS who missed out one Christmas when Kerry climbed on the reception desk and did her Sharon Stone impression!!
    Some girl!!

    Offline Jerry1972

    Ha ha thats definitely Carrie.
    Another absolute stunner in those days was the Australian girl Mardi - she wore the most sexy lingerie. Did she not marry Ricky ?

    Aye she married Ricky and retired from the biz then they moved back to Australia. She was manager Justin's sister. Fairly common for the owners/bosses to marry their top girls.

    Offline solway

    Lucky Ricky. I once managed to ge a room in a Sheraton Hotel in Australia  ( at a massively reduced price ) and who happened to be in the hotel welcome video - none other than Mardi   :D

    Didnt Justin shack up with the beautiful Austrian girl Kristine?
    I seem to remember one of the girls telling me that once they got over to Oz she fleeced him.
    By God we could do with him back behind the desk...I can remember Kerry telling me she was sure Justin had the hots for her...cant say I blamed him!!

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