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Kinkster - Independent (Manchester)
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Name: Kinkster


Date of Visit: 23/07/2011

Time: 12:45pm – 2:15pm

Basic Price: £150

Extras Cost: All services inclusive in the price.

Description of lady:

Kinkster is a fun loving tall size 10 raven haired brunette with a nice figure which she shows off to good effect.

I arrived at the apartment which was clean tidy and had a great shower/bathroom to find that Kinkster had taken customer service to another level and was dressed up and sporting a blonde wig that she had specifically gone out and brought for the occasion. It was a great bit of fun and set the tone for a fab punt. Poor girl didn’t realise that I thought the wig looked ace and so she kept it on for a good hour! See blonde is definitely best!

The session began in a fun way, the ease, friendliness and ‘down to earthiness’ of her nature combined with the naughtiness of her service was a definite winner. We started with a good sloppy owo bj with lots of ball sucking and good technique. This moved into a sort of 69ing session where we both mutually pleasured each other and I got busy prodding and probing. Then Kinkster demanded to be fucked up the bum.

We started our first sex session and I worked hard to keep up a good rhythm. This went on for quite some time until we swapped over to carry on with Kinkster on her back. It was a lot of fun but I was running out of a bit of energy, Kinkster sensed this and we moved back to some mutual oral, with her good technique once again. We also indulging in some mutual rimming and she was ace at licking my balls.

The session then moved onto a good hard normal sex session. This time Sex on top, but we couldn’t quite find the right angles to suit both of us so a little bit of miss and then a long hard doggy fucking session.  This went on for a good long time, Kinks seemed to enjoy the session and I was on the brink several times but managed to clam myself down with thoughts of bathroom tiling schemes and the like. It must be said Kinkster looked great in the blonde wig and had managed to keep it on for a good hour even though it was getting quite steamy. We both naturally were running out of steam again with a mini break Kinkster to the chance to change out of the wig and go back to be a raven haired lady.

The final session started with a resumption of excellent oral from Kinkster and then onto a long hard anal session but this time with a vibe in her pussy at the same time. I built up quite a rhythm and after a good while I was ready to finish so Kinks came back to provide oral/ball sucking/rimming once more and as  I crouched over her, I shot my load down her chest over her tits as she sucked my balls.

To finish we took a shower together cleaning each other up while having a chat and sizing up the shower unit. Time was up, it had be an excellent and stamina sapping session with a friendly and adventurous girl.

Would I recommend: Yes

Would I return: Yes
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